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Blood, Death, and tears

January 22, 2020
By Epi, New York City, New York
Epi, New York City, New York
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All my life I wanted the collider or the blue glowy thing as Connor called it. I never knew what I would do to get it. I met Connor Warner in high school we were nerds and we were both obsessed with life after death. After we graduated college we cracked the code but it was missing something. We could bring people back to life but we couldn’t get everyone to see them. I needed to show everyone that it worked.

“We need to prove ourselves,” I remember telling Connor one day.

“To who,” He replied.

“Them,” I said

“Lucy, we are far better than them, if they don’t know that shame on them.

I loved Connor and he loved me too. We always dreamt of having children, but when we did have one we couldn’t keep her. We didn’t need distractions. We gave her to Connor’s sister and her husband.  I loved her and I still do. I love Annabeth Rose Warner. 




It was a normal morning from what I remember. I woke up, ate, brushed my teeth, and set off for school.  I had a great day. My friends and I pranked our teacher and we got to watch a movie in school! I walked home all by myself but I had a strange feeling someone was watching me.

“Show yourself!” I yelled sounding way braver than I felt.

“If you insist,” a voice said behind me, I could not see the person because they were wearing a mask.


“Hush now, Annabeth,” The voice whispered creepily. I swear I could recognize the voice from somewhere…

“HELP!! PLEASE!!” I was in tears now

A hand clamped over my mouth. I was shoved in a truck. The person in the mask pointed a gun at my head. Another person shone a bright red light my way. I shielded my eyes.

“It’s simple look into the light,” The familiar voice said.

I looked into the light. I felt something change in my body. I felt somewhat powerful, and my thoughts seemed to be pounding in my head. Images flashed before my eyes, I saw a man about 35 inventing something in a lab and I saw a girl dressed in what I was wearing now standing on his porch not knocking just standing there as if she was waiting for something. An electric jolt crept up my spine. I tried to remember the events of the day. I could recall everything perfectly.

“It worked,” the familiar voice said. Then he removed his mask it was my Uncle Connor. Then I remembered something, Uncle Connor died two years ago.

The other person removed their masks, it was a woman. I had never seen her before.

“Lucy here bought me back from the dead using her newest technology when I found out what happened to you I begged her to bring you too,” Uncle Connor said.

“Bring me back from where?” I asked 

“The dead sweetheart, Annabeth you died two weeks ago well you went missing and then your parents found you in their basement… no longer...alive,”  Uncle Connor said.

“Enough with the soft stuff! Let’s tell Annabeth what we need.” Lucy growled.

I was still processing this was I a ghost?
“Annabeth you are not a ghost,” Lucy said as if she read my mind.

“Annabeth you are not alive but you can do everything a human can do the only thing is most alive humans can’t see you.”
“What do you mean most,” I said.

Lucy looked annoyed, “One in every 2 billion humans has the ability to see you,” 

“200 years from now a man named Tom will live in your house. Tom has a robot that helps him cook and clean. We will train you to fight him and fix his robot, inside his robot there will be a blue square that glows, you will take it and bring it to us,” Uncle Connor said, his voice had changed from before, though I couldn’t place my finger on the change.

“Oh and one more thing,” Lucy said, and for the first time since I met her a smile crept up her face, “Tom can see you and you don’t want Tom to tell anybody about you so if you have to kill him, do it!”


CHAPTER 3: Annabeth, 2206

I am 213 and I feel, look, and act like I’m 13. Lucy and Uncle Connor are like my parents and I would do anything to please them. I know more about Tom than he knows about himself. I have traveled in Lucy’s time machine to visit him over a hundred times and he still doesn't know who I am. I am an assassin I’ve killed many people over the years and all of that was practice for this moment. I don’t want to do this again. I don’t want to act like that creepy little girl in horror movies I don’t want to hurt or kill. I’m not doing this out of love or hate. I’m doing this because I know the punishment if I fail.



CHAPTER 4: Tom, 2206

Screams everywhere. Blood. Frying pans?? Trust me I know it all,  I built a robot. Using the latest tech the robot only took 5 months to build. It was really nice I could have sold it for about 30,000 dollars, but I was pretty rich from my other inventions. Keeping the robot was the greatest mistake of my life.

I could command the robot to do anything...well anything related to cleaning, but it mostly cooked. One day the robot was doing the dishes...That’s when the trouble started.

DING DONG! The doorbell rang. I ran to get it

̈ ̈Hello,̈ There was a kid at the door she was at least 12.

̈ ̈Hello? Do you have girl scout cookies? Why are you here?¨ I asked. I lived in a small town. I knew everyone, but I had never seen this girl before.

¨I came to see your robot,̈ the girl commanded

I was stunned I hadn’t told anyone about my robot. The girl pushed past me and into my kitchen.

¨I don’t know you, what do you think your doing?¨ I ran after her and grasped her arm. She kicked me and did some super intense karate move leaving me sprawled on the ground. 

She smiled. It was a creepy smile.

¨I guess I do owe you an apology. My name is Annabeth Warner I need to...fix your robot??¨

She pulled out a screwdriver and opened my robot. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I reached for my phone and quickly dialed 991.

“Hello a girl has broken into my house and she…” Annabeth got up and slapped me across the face. The phone fell to the ground. Her eyes were glistening with tears and suddenly, she didn’t look so creepy anymore.

“Hello,” Annabeth grabbed the phone, “I’m so sorry, that was my big brother he was joking around. There is no emergency, everything is fine. My big brother even says so...right big brother?”

She looked me in the eye.

“Hold on a second,” she said into the phone.

“That pain you just went through I can make it ten times worse,” She whispered. She handed me the phone. And one of her tears dropped onto my cheek

“Nothing is going on here,” I said. Then I hung up.

Annabeth went back to work for 1 more minute until she said

“It’s ready,” and walked out the door.

That’s when I saw the blood. It was all over the floor and on the robot. The robot narrowed its eyes and they turned red. 

“Hello Sir, what can I do for you today,” the robot spoke in Annabeth’s voice.

“What the…” 

I was too slow. I couldn’t move. The robot flung a frying pan at my head.


I woke up to find the robot gone and the blood still on my floor. I picked up my phone and looked through my calls. I did call 911. Then I googled Annabeth Warner. I scrolled through my results. I saw an old news story from 2006. It read...13-year-old Annabeth Warner disappeared in Palm Valley, CA, 2 weeks later she was found dead in her basement @ 710 Gold Lane. 

“I can’t believe… same girl...I live,” I said to myself

I hadn’t talked to myself since I was a kid, but here I stand 20 years later telling myself gibberish.

The picture in the article matched the girl that showed up at my front door and I live in Palm Valley at 710 Gold Lane.

   Then I remembered that I had made an invention called instant healer. If it touches your skin it healed whatever part of the body was hurt. I slithered over to my desk and I pressed the machine against my foot and it healed! I ran downstairs and opened the front door, I ran outside.

I heard noises behind me.

“What do I have to do to get rid of you?” Annabeth whispered into my ear.

It was weird the way she talked. I turned around to see her face covered in tears.

“I’m so sorry,” she said

“I can’t do this,” she dropped the gun she was holding.

“Tom, I’ll leave you alone just don’t tell anyone about me,” she said

I didn’t understand a thing except I might not die after all.

“Tom, I’ve made so many mistakes this is not one of them,” she said softly.

Then she handed me a blue cube the one that I used to fix my robot. Then, she left, leaving me stunned.

Chapter 5: Connor, 2206

The girl came home empty-handed. I can’t remember my reaction but I know it wasn’t good. She didn’t cry or say a word. When I was a child every time I did something wrong and got caught I would scream and protest. I can’t remember the last time Annabeth has screamed since we took her. All I know is that you can’t raise a child that way.

My last words were, “Annabeth I made so many mistakes, but you’re not one of them.” 

I was right Annabeth wasn’t my mistake but befriending Lucy was.




Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Dad, Goodbye Tom, Goodbye Robot, Goodbye Sun, Goodbye Moon, Goodbye Trees, Goodbye Connor, Goodbye Lucy for you are the reason I’m saying goodbye.





Blood, Death, and tears

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Epi said...
on Feb. 25 2020 at 10:55 am
Epi, New York City, New York
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Hi everyone! My name is Luca and I am in 6th grade. I like listening to music, hanging out with my friends and writing stories. I wrote this story last year and I forgot about it until now... I hope you like my story!!!! I wish I could write more and give it a proper ending so sorry if you don't like the ending. Please respond if you. have any questions or comments. Thanks for reading and I hope you like my story! 🙂 🙂 🙂