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{Screenplay} Theatres

May 18, 2014
By kingkiwi, rochester hills, Michigan
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kingkiwi, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Adam Kiwior
EXT. Vandersuol City Panover - 12:00am
The high angle the city is illuminated with the bright lights and signs. Steam pours from the stacks of a large factory far in the background, the city is massive, the camera pans leftward and shows a massive elevated portion of the city, floating above, held up by massive engines pouring black clouds and dust downward unto the area below. As the view begins to pan back it shows an Airship, held up with a large balloon, steam pouring out of its stacks begins floating lazily towards the city.

This, is Vandersoul city, it’s a very interesting city indeed. For it is home to the greatest theatres in the nation. But it is not without unrest. The two families that control the theatres are the Firebloods,

A little family tree begins to appear on screen

And the Ironhearts

(Another family tree appears on screen.)

You see, the two families have been in competition for years now, and in present years it has escalated.

(Montage while voice over continues.
Guy sabotages show
Guy destroys stage
Leading role of play is killed
Entire cast is killed
Armed body guards fend off attackers
Large gang fight
battle no longer a battle for the viewers of the shows, the Ironhearts began to sabotage the Firebloods shows, and in which case they retaliated, leading to battles spread all out across the city. (A scene plays in which a young man at the age of 20 is killed, he is highly decorated and his death is dramatic.)

In recent events the eldest son of the family Fireblood was killed, which devastated the family, and that my friend is where I come in.

The Camera view returns to the airship and zooms in quickly to the deck of the airship, and focuses on a tall man standing on the deck and slowly begins to turn towards the camera.
PERCYUS FREY, A tall, thin, approximately 6’6”, 35 year old man, wearing a tall, raggedy top hat with a snake skin wrapped around the top, a playing card, an ace of spades, sits inside. He wears a large overcoat with faded crimson bars falling horizontally upon the coat. His left forearm has been replaced by a mechanical one, the bronze color of his arm reflects light, and upon his shoulder sits a large blue and gold macaw. The macaw, SEABASS, has iron talons and a bionic eye due to an obvious injury.

I am Percyus Frey, mercenary of the highest order. I was hired by the Fireblood family to resolve this dilemma that plagues this city. As you may tell by my handicap I am very experienced. My talents can be referred far and wide. But this is probably going to be a smaller project…

Percyus turns his head to the left to see that the ship is making its slow approach to the dock.

EXT-Ship dock- 1:30pm
From a camera angle based on the dock, bustling with dirty sailors and the occasional well-dressed captain or passengers, the ship slowly floats rightward unto the dock.


Upon the order of the sailor, a dirty cloud of steam pours from the sides of the ship, leaving a massive dust cloud. From the dust cloud emerges Percyus, with Seabass on his shoulder.


EXT- Market Place/ slums- 2:30pm
SOFT, CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS in the non-diegetic area as it shows an Ariel view of Percyus walking down a busy market street, people offering goods to each other, handing out oranges, ostrich eggs, and other arrangements of strange things. The scene changes around and shows a side shot view of Percyus walking, the people on the side on the road watching him intensively, for he looks very different from the rest of them. The shot switches again to show a front view of Percyus walking, and to his left, three shady men watch him, one of them wears a bandana with a dragon on it, the second man is about 6’0” and rather hefty, while the third is about 6’3” and very slim. They begin to follow Percyus down the street. The view is not a close up of Percyus’s face, but from the view it is obvious the three men are following him. Percyus smiles and makes a sharp turn left into an alley way, the view changes showing the outside of the alley the men cannot see inside, the three men draw weapons and run into the alley. The music stops and all that is heard is the sound of a brutal fight for 10 seconds and then an ending phaser shot. The MUSIC starts up again when Percyus walks out without a scratch, folding the dragon bandana into a hanky and places it into his upper coat pocket.

Ext-Fireblood Plaza- 3:15

Percyus walks up slowly into the plaza, he looks up to see a massive architecturally pleasant building. He looks down onto a piece of paper, a Crest is seen at the top of the paper, and when he looks back up he notices the crests of it on the walls of the building, he folds up the paper and walks towards the theatre.

INT-Fireblood theatre lobby-4:00pm

Percyus walks through the doors into the pristine marble lobby; columns of white scale upwards, while the center piece is a fountain of liquid fire. The banners and carpets that are placed around the lobby all bear the same crest. Percyus looks around confused until he sees a desk labeled “assistance”. He walks over to the desk.

Excuse me miss, where might I find Joseph Fireblood?

The DESK LADY behind the desk looks up, she has dark black hair, her skin is oddly toned, and her golden glasses make her eyes large.

Do you have an appointment?

Indeed I do

Percyus pulls out the slip of paper with the crest on it and shows it to the desk lady, she examines it, and then points her finger to where the sign says “authorized personal only”. Percyus smiles and nods, as he begins to walk towards it.
He turns to SEABASS, and puts his finger to his lips.


SEABASS does the notion with is claws of locking the mouth and throwing away the key. Walking up the ramp within the theatre, the walls clad in golden wallpaper, near the carpet a red trimming rises up, at one point it looks like a chunk is missing from the wallpaper and carpet, the chunk missing is very large, PERCYUS walks slower as he looks intensively at the gaping hole in the wall, inspecting it, then walks on upward until he reaches the large double doors at the top, through the glass in the windows, he sees the balcony that houses the Firebloods, and beyond that the massive theatre with an equally massive stage, which the play Romeo and Juliet is playing it is the scene when Juliet beckons to Romeo.

Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, where art though Romeo?

The camera switches from the play back to PERCYUS which shows him leaning against the wall watching the play, remaining quiet as not to alert the Firebloods. Percyus leans his head over to Seabass.

PERCYUS (Whispering)

I’ve always loved these things. I haven’t seen this one, first one to cry loses?

SEABASS nods and they do an awkward handshake and then watch on. A transition happens to show PERCYUS and SEABASS struggling to hold back tears as the play goes on.

Oh Romeo, how selfish are thee, to not leave any of this poison for me, not a drop. Oh dagger, make your sheath thyself into me.
The sound of a dagger hitting flesh sounds and SEABASS starts crying, PERCYUS is amazed at the realistic performance of the stab, the family rises before the curtain falls and walks back towards the door, they seem shocked to see PERCYUS standing there. A tall man walks forth, his hair long and dark, a long red cape upon his silver shoulder mounts.

You must be Percyus.

Indeed I am sir, how may I be of assistance?

Follow me, I apologize to inform you about the show.

What about it? That performance was amazing.

That dagger was real, replaced. That blood was real, most likely have our friends the IRONHEARTS to thank for that childs injuries if not death.

I do apologize for my tardiness, I was “held up” perhaps if I was here sooner she might have been spared.

It would not have mattered, they would have replaced it during the middle of the show, not the beginning, we would of caught him.

JOESPH points at one of the guards and beckons him over.

I want a lock down of the theatre, investigate the stage crew and cast, ask for sight of suspicious behavior

Yes Sir!

The guard breaks off from the group, grabs one of the other guards and walks off screen, the rest of them walk down a long hallway, with a guard on either side every 30-40 feet, they come up to a large door with a massive combination lock. JOESEPH walks up to the lock and begins entering the combination, slowly turning the lock to each of the giant Roman numerals until a large “gashunk” sound is heard, a button pops out, JOESEPH twists it counterclockwise 90 degrees and press’s it inward, the large door opens inward to show a beautiful living room inside, with a grand fireplace, large comfy looking chairs and a large mounted shark head above the fire place. PERCYUS looks around astonished by the size of the massive bronze plated door that opens to such a beautiful place.

This is a lot of security, the massive door, the guards, no windows either… who do you expect to get this far?

Nobody, the home is secret, the hallway is an illusionary aspect, from the outside it cannot be found, thus the purpose for the lack of windows.
PERCYUS looks around the room, searching for something unknown to everyone else. SEABASS SQWEAKS happily and flies upon the mounted shark head. The commotion draws the attention of PERCYUS.

Hmm, now where that comes from did I wonder, seems a bit out of the ordinary.

Ah yes, this was slain by my father, the mighty shark of the sea of Eboline.

A backstory begins and the screen forms into a seaside town on a stormy day, the water is writhed with dark waves, churning the boats within the harbor, the view zooms in towards the dock to show a tall man, clad in blue clothing, a long black beard portrays from his face, The wind blowing strong in his face.

Now during time before hand, this beast had devoured neigh short of 100 people. My Father MANGREL, searched day and night for this abomination of nature,

The scene corresponding with what JOESEPH says, MANGREL upon the higher deck of the fishing vessel, searching the darkened waters, lighting flashing occasionally in the distance. Until a call is heard in which a high angle shot from the deck show the FISHERMAN on the bow yelling.

And upon that horizon line, there, breaching, was the massive shark, and upon sight of the ship my father was based upon, it began its hunting approach towards them.


The fisherman upon the boat rush and stumble upon the shaken deck as the waves flow over the sides, upon reaching the bow they unfold a board in the deck and bring up a massive harpoon gun, they load the harpoon into gun as the rocking of the waves makes them stumble and curse. The camera pans over to see the dorsal fin of the massive shark, its paleness shining with the lightning.

But while they were preparing the harpoon, something unexpected had happened…
Another harpoon launches from off screen, the harpoon misses but lands close to the shark, when the camera pans over to the direction of the harpoon, it shows a marble white boat, the large letters “PRESTIGE” on the side, is also trying to slay the beast.
But this did not frighten the shark, but only angered it, the shark lunged itself at the other vessel, flailing its massive body unto the boats sides until the hull was tattered and bent…

The scene continues to correspond with Joesephs words, the shark flailing and jumping, bringing the boat down, a transition happens and is seen from the inside of the ship, and the hull breaks and water rushes in a surge, tilting the boat severely. MANGRELs view upon his ship shows him staring infuriated at the other ship.

They say on that day, his blood turned to enraged fire, thus the name Fireblood came to be.


The ship spews smoke from the long iron stacks and propels forward. But the other boat is slowly going down, sinking to the depths of this darkened sea. The shark is still distracted with the sinking ship. Mangrels ship continues to billow forward, as it goes by, the name of the ship is revealed, “To Glory”. The ship’s crew watches in horror as the shark devours another of the other crew. A close up shot of Mangrel while a large lightning bolt shoots in the background, From behind the camera follows Mangrel running and jumping from the deck of the “To Glory” as he runs towards the bow, the shark swimming lose to the surface of the water. While running Mangrel grabs the harpoon from the gun jumps with it in hand and lunges towards the monstrous shark, he lands the hit into the hide of the shark, it thrashes in pain and anger, and with Mangrel still attached to the harpoon, swims downward, the silence. The thunder has seemed to have haled in suspense as the crew looks into the water for their beloved captain. Suddenly a bloom of blood slowly emerges to the surface, the crew looks shocked as they stare in horror, but in sync with a bolt of lightning, a fist rises from the water, Mangrel had killed the shark. The scene tranistions back to Percyus looking at the massive mounted shark head, Seabass still waddling around upon its head.

Anyway it appears we have gone off topic, we have business to deal with.
Joeseph sits into the large leather chair.he gestures toward the other chair

Have a seat.

Of course

Percyus looks at the large chair and sits down, he folds his hands, his robotic fingers extending farther than his human ones.

Now what we need you to do is..


A young lady about 27, with long black hair, paleish skin and blues eyes walks in; she is about 5’5”. She is wearing a blue night gown with gold trimming. She walks in, obviously infuriated

Father, your guards are searching my room again, why must this happen so often.

Because my darling, your room is the only one with a window, and so the only way to get I and out of the house, and I am a little busy at the moment.

With what? You seem to be just sitting here.
Joeseph gestures over to Percyus sitting quietly in his chair when Saphire looks over she is surprised, Percyus does a finger wave with his robotic hand. She gawks at his arm then walks away, still in an angry mood.

You must excuse my daughter, this happens quite often, and it is stressful on all of us.

It is quite alright, as you were saying…

Ah yes, we need you to infiltrate the Ironhearts Cinema, everyone we have snet before has either not made it there, or has not returned. We suppose that they have a similar complex as ours, hidden within the theatre itself.

Do I have a base camp?

Indeed, we have arranged a warehouse as you requested, you should find it to fit your needs, here is the address
Joeseph hands Percyus the note.

Keep it secret, no need to draw attention to yourself, find all you can, and bring it back to me.

Will do

EXT. Market streets: 11:00pm

Percyus is walking through the dark streets of the city, it is very detroitish, filled with homeless and threatening people, but he does not seem to mind. He looks around at the addresses on the walls until he reaches a solitary building far to the outskirts of the city, its door lit with the dull torches illuminating the address slightly. He walks forward and opens the door

INT. Warehouse: 12:00p,

Percyus has entered the warehouse, the darkness blocks his view until he finds an oil trough, he points his robotic hand towards it and a little spark comes out of his finger, the trough ignites, and illuminates the warehouse, in the middle of the room, lies a large king sized bed, complete with fluffy pillows and blankets. Around the other parts of the warehouse are large racks of weapons, materials, chunks of iron, cloth draped around the windows as to block the view. Percyus looks over to Seabass who is sitting on his shoulder.
Well my friend, ready to get to work?


Let’s get to it.

Percyus shuts the door and walks out of camera shot, the camera pans up to a decorative wall clock that states the time is 1:00pm, it slowly transitions and the clock now shows the time is 10:30am the next day. The camera pans over to percyus, with his hands on his hips looking at the bench at the supplies he has gathered, a short montage begins of his supplying
Percyus takes his coat off and puts a leather holster on his side.
He loads a large rifle and places it on his back.
A large grappling hook is folded and placed in a belt loop.
His sword is oiled and then sheathed.
Multiple knifes are placed into a sleeve sheathe on the overcoat
He flings on the overcoat in a fassion that leaves him standing in a front shot view in an epic position, Seabass flies to his shoulder.

Montage ends

EXT. Vandersoul City: 11:00pm.

Percyus is walking towards the massive lift that takes citizens up and down the upper city. As he approaches the lift he notices the solitary guard standing about 20 feet from the gate to the lift, the line is out the door, another door lies to the right that has the letters V.I.P on it. Percyus walks forward towards the guard who is talking to another upset passenger. Percyus walks up behind the guard and taps on his shoulder so he turns the opposite way but Percyus keeps walking so he does not see him walk into the V.I.P lift. When he opens the door it is solid marble inside, the interior looking much like the Greek Parthenon, Percyus gawks at the odd people inside,Duchess, A hefty woman wearing an all-white coat with long black fur scarf around her neck. Percyus decides to stand next to her. Percyus leans over to talk to her.

Excuse me, miss, but do you know where-

Don’t speak to me peasant!
How you ever made it in here is a surprise, keep your filth away.

INT. Vip lift: 11:30

Percyus looks at her disgusted, then Seabass whispers something into Percyus ear and he chuckles. Percyus pulls out a bar of chocolate. The duchess looks out of the corner of her eye and grabs it, eating it heartily. Percyus leans over.

Tell me what I need to know and I’ll give you the antidote.

The lady turns and looks at him shocked and nods.

Where is the Ironheart cinema?
Is that it, it is located at the literal center of the upper level of the city, the basically bought the city.

Thank you.

The antidote?

It was never poisoned.

The camera view shows Percyus Smiling next to the Dutchess, who is still shocked from the fake poison bar. The large double doors close and the lift slowly begins its ascent upward to the upper level of the city. The large gears turning and grinding lifting the lifts up, the view changes so that the camera shows both lifts rising upward, the V.I.P one going much faster than the public one. The rising continues until it reaches the top,

EXT. Upper city. 12:00pm
the view switches again to the doors, when they open Percyus walks out at a heightened pace for he obviously didn’t like the lift. He continues walking until he reaches the checkpoint, this one unavoidable, so he walks up to the checkpoint gate, this time the guard sees.

Sir I am going to need to see some, wha-

Seabass is on his shoulder doing some weird things, striding back and forth like a sumo wrestler, making odd sounds, his eyes staying locked with that of the guards, confusing him deeply.

What, what is it doing, sir? Sir?

Percyus has begun a full sprint out of the checkpoint hopping the gate and running into the city, Seabass trailing behind him speedily. From a side shot angle Percyus is running while guards are pursuing him, all of a sudden Percyus extends something from his wrist that covers his palm in a curved spike, then jumps unto the nearest building wall, and begins to climb up vertically. When the guards reach the point, they have lost track of him, Percyus already on the roof, peers over to watch the guards.

Where did he go?

I think I saw him go this way, you two on me.

Yes Sir!

Ill secure a perimeter over here.

Percyus sighs and rests his back on the ledge of the building, then looks forward and smiles, the camera rotates to show the massive building about 1 mile into the city. Seabass flies up and lands on the ledge next to Percyus.

PERCYUS (sarcastically)
Well my friend, it looks like we found out theatre, looks easy enough to get there…

A large shadow begins to loom over the building; Percyus looks up and sees a airship similar to the one he arrived on heading in the direction of the theatre. Percyus smirks as he pulls out a grappling hook, the MUSIC gets intense as he is about to throw the hook, and as he throws it the airship slowly floating forward. Percyus throws the hook, from the viewpoint of the hook it flies toward the ship, hooks onto the rudder of the ship. Percyus chuckles and then holds on tight as the ship begins to pull him up and toward the theatre.

EXT.Deck of airship.1:00

The ship is bustling with activity while the FIRST MATE about 6’1” in a blue trench coat with gold trimming and CAPTAIN, a monstrosity of a man standing at 7’9”, extremely muscular to the point where his muscles are showing through a thick red and blue coat. His boots are clad in gold, which shine in the evening sun. stand at the helm, the first mate is steering.

Steady as she goes, don’t turn to steadily, and watch out for the banking guild building, we want to go around it.

The First mate smiles as he attempts to turn the wheel, but to no avail the wheel is stuck.

Sir! The rudder is jammed, I can’t steer her.

What! Let me see her.

The captain grabs the helm and try’s to steer it away but to no progress, as he is grunting and trying to steer the ship, the view pans down to the rudder, where Percyus is sitting upon the turning mechanism preventing it from steering, he is eating a hardy looking sandwich until the jolting of the rudder causes him to drop it. He sputters his lips in sadness then climbs the rudder chain to the deck to see what is going on, as he peers over the top of the decorative back piece, the view is a point of view shot that shows the ship heading straight into the large building, the crew desperately trying to steer it away from the building. Percyus’s eyes widen, the captain is still trying to steer the ship but he pushes too hard and breaks the helm.


Abandon ship! Launch flares! GRABAGRAS!

At the captains command the ship deploys flares, a colorful display of red and white launches from the ports on the sides of the ship. They view changes and shows a tired looking office man, his outfit has stains on it while he sits filling out forms with a quill and ink pen and tar stamp.


The business man stands up, grabs his mug from the table and begins to walk out of his cubicle, the background noise is full of faint screams until a cannon shot is heard, the view is from and outside window looking in and the man’s eyes widen, the view rotates 180 degrees to show the ship heading straight for the building. The shot changes back to Percyus who is looking around for something to swing from unto a building below; he is looking around until he finds the rope he used to get on. The shot switches back to the Captain who reaches down and grabs the two rudder chains, one in each hand, coming out of a squad he roars.
Percyus uses the rope and swings to the building below, the rudder now clear, the Captain pulls on the right chair steering them left, the right engine clips the building leaving a large streak in the building side. Percyus now stands on the building watching as the ship goes by. He turns around and sees the Massive IronHeart Cinema.

Well that worked out surprisingly well.

Mild success.

Oh you, I completely planned that.


Phhffftt, come on, let’s get closer.

Percyus takes off, running and leaping from the building tops. The scene ends and shows the point-of view from a telescope. It is looking around at the cinema, looking at windows, balconies, fire escapes, and guards. The view changes to show a medium shot of Percyus still looking around until something catches his eye.
He looks down to see a convoy of carriages and horses of a certain regality heading towards the theatre. Percyus looks over to seabass.

You thinking what I’m thinking.


INT. Royal convoy. 1:30
The Carriage carrying the VIP is very shiny, its reflection causing lens flare on the screen as it passes, the view flys through and goes through one of the windows to show GREGORIO ASPERIA, in his appearance he is thin, with a dark tuxedo on, he is a famed movie star. All of a sudden the carriage stops with a jolt.

Driver why have we stopped?

My my, not every day we get to meet famous actors eh?

With a shock Gregorio jumps in his seat at the apparent intrusion of Percyus.

Who are you?

Shhh, for now, I am you.

The camera leaves the carriage and while it is exiting the Carriage begins to shake and rattle.


The Carriage pulls up, just as any normal one would, a crowd of fans gathers to the rope to meet Gregorio. When the servent opens the door of the Carriage. Out walks Percyus, poorly disguised as Gregorio, the fans still cheer for him as he walks by for they have no idea that he is any different.

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