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Tree Talk

January 25, 2011
By lollypops GOLD, Pilot, Virginia
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Author's note: I wrote this when i was in fourth grade not my best piece but it is something i believe is real

The language of trees has been around forever though sadly now only a few trees speak it. Sarah and the rest of the trees with the language have worked hard over the years to mentor students and become their blood trees so they too can speak the language. Everything speaks their own language but the old language of the trees was the very first one and one that every creature deep inside has a knowledge that just has to be awaken. What is sad though that other trees can’t wake other trees. The trees without the language can be taught how to speak it to other trees but never to anything else. This is mainly due to a time long, long ago when there was the one tree whose name has long been forgotten, lead a revolution. He was a tall young oak full of ideas. He was great at talking and speaking he could get about anyone to do what he said. Soon trees started whispering he had not chosen a blood human or even mentored any. This was a shameful thing. One day he told the southern wind give the message to every tree let them come a join me.
The southern wind was still young much younger then the north wind took the message and gave it to as many tree as she could, telling them “look at those humans to they ever say thank you for teaching me? No, they pull our branches and kill us to warm themselves. They do not care about us they are a small minded race nothing matter to them but themselves. Join me and quit the connection to them let them learn how to thrive alone let them die and starve. Let them teach themselves. They are not worthy to speak our language.”
Many trees stopped talking to the humans and then decided not to pass down the language to the children. They did not want the humans ever to gain the secret of speak ever again so they cut the ties there. Than as quickly as the tall oak appeared he disappeared surrounded by trees that too stopped speaking to humans and the language all together.
He was right the humans did suffer and were angry that the trees no longer spoke to them. The humans did not want to do everything themselves they wanted to be taught how to do it step by step and for someone always to be there to help them if need be.
Some trees did not receive the message and continued to speak to the humans. These trees were shunned. The language only survived because a few of the trees taught their children in secret. Later all the trees regretted their decision and the young ones dream of the language they could never speak.
Now these trees that can’t speak the language are looked down upon by the others and pitied. Those trees could never become blood with a human which was a great deed and honor. The damage was done though and now only female trees can talk with human girls and male trees with human boys. Female trees can still talk to their apprentices trough male trees though, and much of the humans cannot speak it or lose the gift of speak as they grow older because they think it is a childish fantasy.

To become blood with the tree that tree must first not have another blood child and have been your major mentor. Then one must place a favorite item in the trees branch or heart the tree will take it down into the core. With this done they may now talk to you wherever you go even if it is out of their range without using the wind or other tree lines.

Talking to a tree is easy first they will enter your mind and you will feel them there. It doesn’t hurt you can just feel a presents than you talk just as you would if you were thinking, and the other side of your brain was responding. Your mentor tree will be the first tree that talks to you. His or her name will be changed down to a name the can be easily said by humans. When you are a blood of a tree then you may talk to them where ever you go if they are willing to talk. Also trees can read you mind or hear all the other thoughts you are thinking when you talk to them. So lying to a tree in the language is impossible. Trees can also search your memories with your permission. Any tree can enter your body and become one with you if you ask them too except for none speaking trees and your mentor tree. It is not safe to become one with your mentor tree after you already have such a strong connection. When you are one, they help you with your actions. There is a tree near the field where I play soccer named Dorothy Ann that becomes one with me. She finds human activities interesting to take part in since she herself cannot move, though like all trees can send her spirit on the wind.

Trees lines are the way trees communicate with humans when the human is too far away and not of blood to them. The connection is within the roots. The language involves much of the elements powers. There are different elements though then the ones we commonly think of: wind, spirit, song, and soil. Soil is the element with tree lines and the way parents keep in contact with their children if their training is complete enough for them to leave but not enough for them to have a blood child. Most parent trees talk to their seedlings for another fifty years after they leave, varying with the kinds of tree. Willows learn faster than most trees but there are few speaking ones. Then there are oaks that are slow learners and have a hard time learning that are very common. The wind is another way of communication. For trees communication is everything. They can’t not walk or play sports or anything so talking sets trees apart. Of course there are the young and fast answering trees and the older ones that like to think the question all the way through before answering sometimes even years later, and when they do you get a well thought out, perfect grammar, well rehearsed letter. Spirit is the element of the trees themselves. A very high complement is that you are the element spirit itself. Song is the element that is kind of hard to describe it is more of a knowing. Song communicates feelings with the words someone can sing a slow funeral like song with very happy joyful words and the spirit of that song is sad. The grass and the wind sing together. The grass dances and the wind provides the spirit for the dance. Neither have a true voice but together they sing and are considered the greatest inspiring singers on the earth even though their songs have to true words just spirit.

Second trees are other trees that can talk to you that are not your mentor tree. For me my second trees are Dorothy Ann, Dawn, Dogwood, Doxie. They are all different kinds of tree that I see at least ones a week then there are third trees that your mentor tree talk through when using tree lines. The last group of tree are fourth trees the parents of your mentor tree, and other tree that you may have talked to once or twice but aren’t close enough to really talk without using the wind.

The wind is very important. It has a mind of its own and doesn’t at the same time. The trees find it hard to teach us about the wind because we think of it as an object, instead of a being and an important element. The wind has two parts the north and the south. The northern wind is the older of the two and the one most trees talk to and is known to spread many of rumors. While the southern wind carries messages over long distances and controls the weather and the way the clouds flow. We humans say “oh my” as an exclamation trees say “oh southern wind” and “where did you hear that, the northern wind”. The wind has a voice but not a voice that can bring up things that it has not heard before. There was a rumor going around for quite a while amongst the trees. The rumor was the wind knew where the evil oak was but was not able to put the thoughts into the tree language. The wind did not know where the place, where the evil oak stood was called in the language. The winds speaks a language that only they know and is impossible to teach, because it is spoke though a series of complicated movements, air temperature changes, and more complicated things none of which that uses a voice. The wind talks to trees with the language and a knowing. The knowing is very hard and impossible to explain but went it is happening to you, you know. I know that sounds weird but it is really hard explain.

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