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College Personality

September 5, 2009
By caitylin122 BRONZE, Greeneville, Tennessee
caitylin122 BRONZE, Greeneville, Tennessee
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I am a senior, a senior. The thought still terrifies me even though school began almost a month ago. I have already been stressed out beyond belief. All of the colleges and scholarships are enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Then, I found the bright light in the dark tunnel of a situation I was in. Pondering about how I should choose schools, I was hit with the idea that colleges are just like people.

Think about it. There is a college you have had in mind for the longest time, and you just want to be there so badly. The only problem is it is one of those revered colleges that only pay attention to a certain kind of student. The college is a lot like those admired “popular” people. It only wants certain individuals to go to it. Everyone else can just shove off.

Another type of school is the ones that are extremely bubbly and overly excited about you going there. The college sends bunches of mail and seems to just hop around animatedly waiting for you to apply. It kind of reminds me of persons that have a lot of friends and are always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. A lot of the times these colleges are the most intimidating and just seem to be a little too eager, resulting in no application on your part at all.

Then, there are those schools that are like the really nerdy kids. They hide just below the radar and nobody really seems to know that they exist. They just pop up out of nowhere when you find out that your best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s aunt’s friend’s nephew went there and it peaks your interest a little bit.

Whether you are one of those lucky kids that don’t get rejected from the well regarded colleges that are extremely picky or you have just enough energy to handle the extremely enthusiastic schools. Find a school that matches your personality; get to know it well. It can become like your very best friend or you may even fall in love.

The author's comments:
I was stressing a lot when it came to picking a college. I was attempting to sleep one night and the idea just came to me.

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