October 11, 2007
By Anonymous

We all want to live in a perfect world, don’t we? A perfect world, where amazingly all people are treated equally and fairly. We always complain about our common problems such as the lack of economic sources. We think that if people are given the same amount of salary and equal rights each, there won’t be any problems. What if we’re wrong? Is it really possible to have that wonderful world or in other words are we all going to be happy on it?
The crucial question is: “How can we know?” It is a hard one, but don’t worry actually there is a way to learn it. Close your eyes and think that your perfect world is actually real. Wander at your world and at the beginning you’ll see people who have equal rights, shelters and food. Don’t hurry to come to a decision yet, first you should empathy yourself with the citizens there. It’ll be the moment when you can see the real situation; they aren’t equal, they are the same. Their emotions and souls are taken away, they look like each other, they do the same things in a routine way, and they don’t even have the ability to judge this circumstance.
Have you ever thought what would you do, if you were told that you would be given a regular and steady salary, a house and food like everbody else in the community, whether you work really hard or not? If you are honest to yourself, you’ll see that you would choose the indolence instead of the hard work, like most of the citizens. Maybe at this moment this means nothing to you, but think that all the people in the community are told that. They’ll have the assurance, support behind them, and nothing to worry about, so do you think people would continue on studying or working in that situation? Worst of all, what would happen to the humanity with aimless people who aren’t improving themselves? The truth of the matter is, they’re the most possible future results which many of us decline to think about.
One of the most significant things that seperate humans from the other living creatures is the intelligence, having different/own ideas and the ability to criticize. If people loose their special features, how can we say they’re still humans. That’s why we can say that, today “utopia” is a concept that people made up and insist on believing in instead of working to have better lives.

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Beautiful. I hope to live in a perfect world one day. Great job!