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A turning point

October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt scrutinized to the point where you lose all self-confidence and that why this is the most crucial turning point in my life. It happened after my freshman year in high school. It was right around the beginning of the summer, I was so excited to get out of Imperial for a change. I was going to move to my brother’s home in Columbus, Nebraska. The reason I was moving was to lose weight and I knew I could do it with my brothers’ support.
I knew what task lied ahead of me and was ready to take it on with a good attitude and willingness to change. The reason I was moving away was to better myself physically and give myself more self-confidence. The reason I wanted to do so was because I was just tired of being the way I was and how I felt and wanted a change.
Back to what I was saying before I moved down in the beginning of June and to my ultimate surprise my brother was happy to see me and also for a change I was excited to spend some time with him. Right away I went to work with lifting and that’s basically what happened for only about a month. I came home around July and I noticed people giving me compliments and unfortunately I still didn’t feel I was at my real potential. Sadly, after I got home I was soon back to my old habits and really didn’t do anything while I was back but just lounged around and let myself fall back into the old me.
When football started I got really serious with lifting again. So when school started again I lifted almost every morning with one of my best friends Will. Through the year I started to change again and started to eat healthy but really didn’t work hard enough to lose weight.
While the first semester I was just really lifting hard and getting back into the swing of things, and during the second semester I really got into it and lost weight so I was ready to go back to my brother’s house again to work hard and was also going there with a feeling of vengeance. When I got down there I was really set on working hard so the first day we went and got me a membership to the YMCA and began working hard again. Throughout the summer my brother finally gave me encouraging words such as “you could do it and I am proud of you bro” and I had a blast, I also got a job and played noon ball with older guys which was also a good experience because some of them were very talented.
This time I stayed through the whole summer and dropped almost sixty pounds and was very proud if I might add, and I am still going strong. I also think it is one of the most crucial turning points in my life and I wish to continue succeeding in everything I do.

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