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When I Was Young, I Was Pretty Clumsy

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

When I was young, I was pretty clumsy. I would fall and scrape my knee and my dad would say, “Get up. You’re ok. In 100 years you’ll never remember it.” Except for a few scars to show for, his advice has been true. However, I do not want all of my life to just be forgotten about, like a scraped knee or a stumped toe. I want to be remembered because of something I did. That is why I’m trying hard to get scholarships for college, so that one day I can become a doctor, and save people’s lives. It is also the reason I want to do medical missions in Africa. I also want to be a mentor to young girls.

As a child, I went through some tragic times. It made me quiet and calm. I didn’t let people get too close. I was afraid of rejection. I had separation anxiety. Finally, I moved into a house full of boys, my dad and two brothers, and loved every minute of it. The attention I got drug me out of the desolate stage I was in. I still live with my dad and brothers, and have grown even more. I can now rely on people and let them get to know me, the real me. That is what my senior year is all about, finding out who I am.

I am the third out of four children. Normally, I would tell you being the middle child is unfortunate, but I have learned a lot from the mistakes of my older brother and sister. I hope to be the first of my family to attend college right after I graduate from high school. I also hope to be the first to attend college consecutively until I graduate. I live with just my dad, and receive no help from my mom, so the thought of paying for college gives me anxiety. Right now my focus is school, and I hope to improve my grades and receive scholarships.

In the next five years, I hope to have been to Africa at least once. It is my dream to do medical missions. I want to work with teens in Africa and treat their illnesses. In five years I hope I am in medical school, and starting my life. I want to work with homeless children and raise money for them. I want to travel the world and learn new things. I want to help out in a youth group in a bad city, and help the youth and their troubles. My sister is one of my best friends. I trust her, and take any advice I can get from her. She didn’t go to college and didn’t do the things she wanted. She is now a single mom of two kids, and she wishes she would have. In five years I hope to have touched someone’s life. If it is only one person, then I will still feel like I’ve accomplished something. Whether it is sharing my relationship with Christ, through dance, or art, I hope that someone will remember me from something I did or said to them.

Generally speaking, I am an easy going person. I love listening to people. Music and dance is my passion. I love kids and the humorous things they say. I do have obsessive compulsive disorder, but I love it. I think it adds a little uniqueness. I’ve spent the last three years of my high school life trying to figure out how to be just like everyone else. Thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who has shown me that being me is way better than being anyone else. This being true, I’m not just a high school senior. I’m me.

I am a dancer. I have been for the past fifteen years. I am an assistant teacher at Dance et Cetera, where I also manage our dance store. I hope to continue dancing through the next five years. I also hope to be a choreographer, and a teacher. I am also an active member in my church youth group. The last year has been my opportunity to be a leader, and I have enjoyed stepping up, and helping out. The feeling of knowing people are listening to you and look up to you is awe-inspiring. I hope every time I speak in front of my youth group that just one person will take away something that I said, and remember it.

This paper was supposed to be about what I want to be in five years. However, I do not know how someone can write about who they want to be in the future if they do not know fully who they are today. So, if I got anything out of this, it would say that it has helped me conceive a better impression of who I really am. I do know that I have a lot of dreams and goals that I want to accomplish. I hope that one day I will fulfill all of those dreams and goals. If I can help one person, even if it is in Helena, Alabama, and I don’t get a chance to go to Africa and save the dying citizens from capturing aides, I will be ok, because the fact is that I helped change someone’s life. That is the most important thing to me. I want to teach kids to dance and see their smiling faces, doing what they love and what I also love. I want to feed and care for the staving homeless kids. I want to teach them things and help them go to school. I want a family of my own, and see how it is to have someone love you no matter what happens. I want to grow old and sit on the front porch and rock in a rocking chair and talk to my husband about the weather. But mostly, I just want to touch someone’s life. I have learned that you will get no where in this world if everything is about yourself. The feeling of helping someone or even just making them smile is far more desirable than doing something to make myself happy. Making me happy is important, but I believe if I can make myself happy, and then someone else happy, then I have accomplished something.

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