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How Destiny and Choice Intertwine

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

I believe that destiny and choice are intertwined. Destiny takes a person to any given destination when that person is chosen by G-d that they would be there at that moment and time. But when a person gets to the location where destiny brought them, they have a choice.

A person has a choice either to go left or right, do the right thing or the wrong thing. A very holy man once told me a story. In this story a man preyed to god to win the lottery. Every day he preyed. When the man grew old and was on his deathbed he asked G-d, why didn’t I win the lottery and become rich. G-d then answered and said if you only would have purchased a ticket.

Because this man only thought he was destined to get the money and preying to G-d would help, but he didn’t buy a ticket. A person is not controlled by destiny. Destiny must be met half way. G-d had the man destined to win the lottery but he never bought a ticket.

Because destiny intertwines with choice living life is the way it is. That’s why when something is done wrong a person must always do the next right thing. By doing the next right thing you go up the right path and your destiny is bright. By making the wrong choice you go down the darker side of destiny, then destiny is dark. But while going down either destiny there is always the opportunity to make either the right choices or the wrong choices.

I once read a book that had a very peculiar name. The name of the book is “Life Is A Test” written by Rebbetzin Jungreis. This book is based on spirituality and how life has choices. You can walk down the right path or the left path. But a person is destined to fallow one of these paths. But choice is what makes the difference. By doing the next right thing, the path will take a person to meet life’s challenges. Which is either to rob the store or pay for the item.

A saying has been told from generation to generation in my family. From the moment you were conceived you are given two destinies. You can choose which one but it better be the right choice.

I believe that destiny is intertwined with choice because there are to paths and by choosing to do the next right thing I fallow a bright destiny. But I know that tomorrow the task of choosing the right path will be a mater that will for surely come.

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