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Failed to Succeed

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

As the clock continues to speed by I procrastinate writing an essay on how I have failed to succeed, finally occurring to me I need to start these imperative papers sooner. My tradition of putting off my homework tends to become drastic. Essay after essay starts off with a struggle to find a topic, and I still delay, stall, and waste time rather than planning ahead and accomplishing my assignments the night I get them. Millions of events come to mind, however none will fulfill a necessary essay length.

For some reason this happens every year at one point or another, but I never seem to learn my lesson. I would stall, put up my legs, relax, listen to music, and do nothing, making no progress on my work. I still speculate why I do this, I minus well bury my grave now. Getting ahead of the game on school work can often be a major malfunction of my life. Extracurricular activities, or less important to the eyes of most, describe me the best in two words.

As other classes work go racing through my mind, such as Pre-Calculus and Physics this becomes progressively harder to write. Writers block, an understatement for how I feel at this point, demolishes my ideas inside my bizarre mind. Writers dam seems more appropriate for the situation, rivers of thoughts rushing through my mind all being rejected.

Now a senior at Blue Valley Northwest High School I finally appreciate the class time in which teachers give us to work on school work. Never before had I valued that time, however that portion of class can do the most teaching for me, the time in which I teach myself responsibility and hard work.

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