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Everyone’s Favorite Class

November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

Chemistry in high school is an experience everyone lives through; few obtain pleasure from the experience most to never want to go through it again. I truly enjoyed it, and still I continued to make some mistakes. On the second test of the first semester all of my friends crammed and worried for about a week before the test. I thought the test would not be a big deal and decided to shirk studying or preparing at all. The day before the test my teacher lectured and I finally realized the challenge of balancing chemical equations. I went home that night and I could not stand the pressure, so I decided not even to try to prepared.

I will regret that mistake for the rest of my high-school, and college experience. The day of the test arrived and I anxiously walked to class, first hour chemistry, and the best part of waking up. Everyone in the class was studied and memorized numbers and charts before the test and I just relaxed. The teacher handed out the test. I needed to know how to use the information the teacher gave me. The teacher passed out charts and tables for the class, but they looked like Spanish to me. The test was tough, tough. The questions on the test were long and drawn out as long as the roots of an oak tree and the essays were like and endless cave that I could never escape from. I survived through the test, but knowing how horribly I did I was very troubled. The test came back about a week later and I received a D plus. It appalled me because I am an A student. I had an A going into the test and it dropped my grade down to a B.
I worked hard the whole year and I could never end up raising my grade back up just because of that one mistake. I made a terrible mistake and I learned that to always prepare and study no matter how big or how small the test. I learned my lesson early in high school so my grades will not suffer later. I wish I could go back and rethink the situation, but I needed to learn a lesson.

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