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November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

One situation in which I have not been successful is when I failed my earth space class my sophomore year. I thought that I could do nothing and still pass the class, but I ended up coming up short with a 56%. I have learned a lot of things from that experience. One of the being that its easier to do your work and just keep up top of things, then to just let it pile up and get behind. I also learned that nothing is guaranteed. I thought sense the class was easy I could get a passing grade without put forth much effort. I soon learned that you can’t just expect to succeed because a class is an “easy A”, you have to work hard and not just let things slide. I learned you get what you work for and I got what I deserved, I didn’t put forth much effort and my grade reflected that. Looking back on it I think that my priorities were not in line. I thought other things were more important than school and they weren’t. I think in the long run though that this is a good thing because I learned how to get my priorities in line and not to procrastinate. One last thing that I learned is that someone can fail at the most simple tasks, and that nothing in life is guaranteed. Those are some of the things I learned from failing my sophomore science class, and I hope that you can learn something from my failure.

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