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Family Rivalry

November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

Utter chaos and mayhem hardly describe the fights that my mom and I endure from each other on a weekly basis. For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have continuously engaged in fights. The root cause of our fights can be blamed on our radically different personalities. I consider my mom an extremely structured and organized person. She also happens to be an accountant, just to give a rough idea of what she’s like. I, on the other hand, demonstrate more impulsive and creative behavior. I enjoy partaking in activities in the spur of the moment. While these differences make us argue nearly every other day, I still respect and love my mother dearly.

People are all different, that’s what makes this world so spectacular. If the whole world was exactly like one person, it would be a disaster. It takes all types of personalities to make a successful society work. I respect my mom’s way of thinking because I can see that her way works. By saying organized, she can make her life less stressful and in turn, be happier. She also pays close attention to detail, and while this can become annoying at times, it can also potentially save my hide! What seems like verbal harassment to me, may just be lending out a helping hand to her. My mom would stop, examine every detail in my room, assign me with a task, and leave in an almost joyful manner, her voice seeming energetic and sweet. It’s all a matter of perspective. I have acknowledged this, I understand why my mom acts the way she does. Since I understand where she comes from, it makes me feel less angry towards her and helps me to accept her actions easier.

No matter what happens between the two of us, we will continue still love each other. Even though we fight all the time, her presence has solved many of my personal conflicts. Having my mom around has proved a necessity to my household’s survival. I sometimes find myself wishing I could conduct myself in a structured manner like her. However, the work involved to maintain this would become too overwhelming for me. I am forced to go through life simply thanking the fact that people like my mom do exist instead of feeling the urge to become one myself.

One has to take a step back and see everything for how it really is. It’s immature to label someone as an idiot because they share a different viewpoint than that of an individual! That’s almost communism! One must look at a problem from different angles to get a better understanding of where another individual comes from. By diversifying oneself with the opinions of the others, the best decisions of all time can be forged. Not only that, but since everyone else’s ideas were accounted for, chances appear excellent that the decision will become more widely accepted by others. To see the world through other people’s eyes is to become a great thinker. Break through the boundaries of just one mind and greatness can be achieved.

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