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December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

“If you believe that discrimination exists, it will.” But the problem is there are many people that do believe in discrimination. Discrimination can only be described in one word… unfair. It is unfair hatred against any one with different skin color, eye color, disabilities, culture, language, age, appearance, and gender. Discrimination hurts people terribly. We fail to see that peoples differences make then who they are and unique. We all should treat everyone and everything with great respect no matter what. We should never have to hear, see, use, or say the word discrimination.
The main cause of discrimination us usually fear. Many people fear that the people that a new or exchange or different in some way from every one else, they are up to no good. They are afraid of what may of will haven, so their main choice is to discriminate or destroy them. When people are afraid of something they do whatever it takes to make them feel better. Discrimination is not the best choice but it sometimes is what many people chose. It’s wrong but they want to make their fear go away by choosing this,
Another cause of discrimination is hatred against others. People may or may not be minding their own business but if they do one thing wrong and they are not like every one else, usually this also leads to discrimination. If a person doesn’t like what they are doing they will fix that themselves. If you are angry or upset about something, you take it out on the people that you hate or dislike. This is also discrimination against others. Doing wrong for no reason is cruel and heartless which some people fail to see.
Many people are very ignorant. They treat others with no respect or very little. This always leads to discrimination. You act ignorant to the people you dislike or one that is different then you and the people around you. Your ignorant side shows and you act mean toward them.
Discrimination is completely wrong and some people fail to see it. If we all stay away from discrimination and don’t believe in it, it could disappear. We all need to make it disappear together and the only way is to never put yourself in the wrong position. Don’t force yourself to discriminate others.
It’s very wrong in many ways.

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