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This I Believe

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

What if sorry was the only way to beg for forgiveness? What would you do if people where so tired of hearing sorry from you? How about you explain your story and correct the person that told you the wrong story if you were lying. I believe people deserve second chances.

More drama causes a second chance to be involved. Have you ever been into a fight that causes more drama and it wants it to allow people to hate you and want to fight the guts out of you? Well this is my case. I was suspended off school grounds for two days, no big deal. It’s as stupid fight over on Myspace. I would like most people I see everyday to be like I can trust that girl, Paige. The next discipline I get I will finally understand why and also understand that is a fair and reasonable not to trust me for a long period of time.
Why is lying so addictive to people? It is hard for a very good friend to forgive you after you told the guy they like that they liked them and went back and said you didn’t. When friends have a huge problem like this well, it allows them not to talk, speak, or even look at one another. Some people like talking in person and some like to talk on the phone or even text on the phone. When you attend to talk on the phone well, sometimes it may cause more drama because that person you are fighting may say that you are to chicken to say it in person. What I would do is talk to the person where you feel more comfortable being and correct the story so that the other person you are talking to will give you a second chance and you don’t know how relieved you will be.
Friends aren’t the only people who deserve second chances.. My mom would always love to fight with me. It was unbelievable. Sometimes I would think my life was more interesting than T.V. I never even thought of being in a fist fight with my mom. i would hit and she would hit, curse, and even use are fingers to express our self’s. My plan every time we would get into a fight would be to runaway and have freedom, but sometimes freedom wasn’t the only thing to help you. I always had problems when I came back, for me it was hard to depend on someone. One time, I ran away I went to a friend’s house and well my mom wouldn’t stop calling me and it was so upsetting. I would cry and even throw my phone down on the ground. The day finally came and she left and told me to never text her or even talk to her ever again. I was in desperate need of a mother to help me through the pain.

I believe people should always be forgiven some how or another.

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