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This I Believe

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

How would your childhood have been if you didn’t have a mom? It would’ve been bad especially if you’re a girl. You would’ve missed out on all the dress up parties, cookie baking, and mother daughter stuff. That’s how my childhood went. That’s why I believe that two parent’s are necessary for a healthy child.
When I was 11 months old my mom left me and my dad. So my dad tried to take care of me. Key word in this sentence - tried, he wasn’t exactly Mr. Mom. he could fix any car but couldn’t figure out how to use a brush . Now don’t get me wrong I love my dad but instead of baby dolls and dresses for my birthdays I got trucks and baseballs. Even though I think baseballs are funner than baby dolls it still wasn’t very healthy for a little girl to be acting like a little boy.

Yall all know the movie little rascals and the little boy spankie imagine spankie as a girl and you got me. When I was 5 years old we lived in a duplex and our neighbor was mean and I didn’t like him ;so I came up with a plan . I got Tide and mixed it with water and filled a balloon with it. Then I climbed I n the tree waited for him to come outside and dropped it on his head. I thought all my little adventures were fun. but my dad didn't, he decided we did need a mom

My dad re-married a nice woman named Becky. She gave me dresses, (that I hated) dolls,( that I destroyed) and she gave me something specal motherly love that no one else had been able to give me. Eventualy I stared liking dolls, playing house, and acting like a normal six-year-old girl.

In these experenses i've learned it's not things that makes kids happy ; it's love. There are certain things kids can live without but a kid will never be happy if they don't have two parents to help them get through life. i am lucky because i have two loving and caring parents.
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