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Big Family

January 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Coming from a big family I am used to speaking over someone else in order to be heard, laughing loudly to express my happiness, and sitting at the dinner table eating delicious food cooked my grandmother. Because the majority of my life is spent with my mouth open, sometimes even when I sleep at night, I want to be an orthodontist.
I contemplated on the possible careers I would pursue in the future, but could not think of one that would fulfill me as an individual. I thought about what I enjoyed doing the most, or what I often found myself doing-smiling. I love smiling, and love making other people smile, and there is no better way to express your happiness than by showing off your pearly whites. There are many individuals who ashamed of their teeth, refuse to smile or cover their mouth when they do. I want to be able to help them with this problem, especially children because the world always looks brighter behind a smile.
In order to be fully prepared to become an orthodontist, and after browsing over the variety of courses offered at Boston University, I was interested in the pre-dentistry program offered at the College of Arts and Science. After viewing pictures and reading about the curriculum, I was convinced that Boston University would indulge me with a variety of knowledge in the liberal arts, and allow me to concentrate in science and pre-dentistry. I want to receive top quality education because one day I want to be able to fulfill my dream of having my own dental clinic and know that BU prepared me for it.

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