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Boarding School

January 17, 2008
By Anonymous

I bet you are wondering, “What did this girl do to deserve being shipped off to boarding school?” or “Why did she leave in the middle of her high school career?” Well, you should know that I did not get shipped off to boarding school. Much to my parents’ dismay I chose to move halfway across the country to Indiana.
Back at my old high school (Chaparral), I was a good student involved in a few extracurricular activities, but I felt as though I achieved nothing. It had just become a daily routine. Then, the summer after my freshman year I decided to go to Culver Summer Camp for six weeks. When I came back to Chaparral for my sophomore year, I realized that I could not strive in the public school environment as well as if I went to Culver, a smaller private boarding school.

Transferring to Culver Girls Academy gave me great possibilities that I would not have had if I had stayed at Chaparral. Culver had the opportunity to offer me a close knit atmosphere. The fact that my teachers at Culver are willing to be on email or be reachable if I ever have a question has helped me learn a lot more. I am a visual and auditory learner; therefore, having one-on-one study or help sessions have helped me understand the main concepts of the classes that I take. For example, my American Government class consisted of only nine people. Even though I am not that interested in government and politics; the class fostered an encouraging learning environment that increased my interest in government. Culver offered me the chance to learn about the independence and responsibility that it takes to live on your own. My first experience living in a dorm was fantastic. I loved the atmosphere of my friends living down the hall from me. However, I had to learn how to manage my time wisely and do my homework instead of goofing off with the girls in my dorm. I learned that even though you may not be studying, you have to be responsible when it come to wasting people’s time. All of lessons and chances that Culver has given me have only made me more prepared for college.

I am more prepared for college. The reason you received two transcripts is because I had a chance to broaden my horizons by stepping away my comfort zone and I took a risk. Culver has made me more outgoing, studious, independent, and responsible.

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