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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Only 55 miles south of Denver, the U.S.A.F.A. has great opportunities for a militarized education/job. The sports there your basic collage sports. The biggest thing the U.S.A.F.A. focuses on is honor.

The requirements to get in the United Air Force Academy are you must be between the ages of 17 and 23. You have to be unmarried with no dependents, good moral character, and meet high leadership, academic, physical, and medical standards.

Sports are a big thing at U.S.A.F.A. The sports played are football, basketball, tennis, fencing, rifle, and water polo. Sports at U.S.A.F.A usually get high marks. They won the rifle championship 2 years in a row.

The campus at the United States Air Force Academy is huge. The campus is over 40 square miles. In the academy there are churches for most religions, buildings to study most every subject, and a field for military training.

Academics like at most collages are very important. The officers at U.S.A.F.A. specialize in a certain subject of field including academics, sports, and military. To be able to stay in U.S.A.F.A. you need to have above a 3.0 G.P.A. You also have the capabilities to upgrade in ranks.

After all the collages I’ve looked at, the U.S.A.F.A. is the one I would choose.

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