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Assualt Guerrillas- Part One

September 30, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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Case Report Number 117

November 15, 2278

Team Alpha-Tango-Delta

His face was masqueraded in darkness, and the moonlight slowly rose into the sky, not yet illuminating the streets. I tried to smile at him, but I couldn't catch his eye. He was too focused. I wished he wasn't, I wished he would forget about the mission, and I wished we weren't even doing this. There's a lot of things you wish for before a big moment; These were mine.

He, Tom, was my partner in crime. You could call us the modern Bonnie and Clyde, but we would never screw up so bad as to be horribly destroyed with bullets. Tom was always focused on the mission, but I was the brains of every mission. I planned the tactics, the way we would take them down, and the supplies we would need. Tom was more like the muscle of these operations.

I'm part of a secret military organization. We go by: Assault Guerrillas. Only the government knows about us, but not every branch. People say the Marines are the real commandos of the military branches, but it isn't true. The Assault Guerrillas are. When all else fails, you send us in. I belong to team Alpha-Tango-Delta. Tom and I are only part of this team. Tom is the Tango, I'm the Alpha, and Delta is Donny. Donny is our computer guy. Our initials make our symbols, but they don't do just that, they make us who we are.

Allison the alpha, Tom the tango, and Donny the delta. I, being the alpha, am Allison. Anyways...back to the mission.

His eyes, those crystal blue eyes, were sharp, and alert. His hair, messy brown, was sticking up. I had an urge to touch his hair, and smooth it down, but I resisted, and tried to focus.

“Allison? It's time.” He whispered, slowly pressing down on the gas. Our car lurched forward, and he got that smile on his face; that smile that always meant he was at his best. I had my own private smile. The way he said my name, it just made my heart thump harder. “F***!!!” He swore, swerving the car, as another driver slammed into us. It was the target that did it. They were onto us.

“S***...”I muttered opening my door and jumping out. I was in a black tank top, and black skinny jeans, with some knee-high boots. I gave a small growl of anger, and opened the door to the now stationery vehicle that had rammed us. I saw the targets' face.

He had golden eyes. “I knew it was the AG who were coming after me. Allison, Allison, Allison, so nice to see you.” I recognized his voice. It was Jamie; an ex-agent of the AG, and my ex-boyfriend... He had bad written all over his face. “Aw, those little amber eyes of yours seem mad.” He laughed.

Tom though, was coming around the driver's side with a gun. He opened the door suddenly, and yelled at Jamie, “Get outta the car!”

“No...I think you should drop your gun.” Jamie replied pulling up a gun to my head. “She dies if you don't,”

“Remember the mission Tom!!! Don't drop it, kill him!” I stammered out furiously. I should never have let this happen. I should have known better!

“I...uh...I...”Tom stuttered, and suddenly he seemed lost for words. Slowly he lowered down his gun. His eyes seemed to be apologizing to me, and he looked down. He had disobeyed a direct order.

“She's gunna die anyways.” Jamie laughed pulling the trigger. I ducked down. I told you, when all else fails, we don't. I avoided the bullet, and grabbed out my own gun. Tom at the same time, was picking up his. “Dammit!” Jamie swore, and floored it, his car quickly getting away from us.

“Allison! Talk to me! I know I screwed up, but you can't ignore me forever!” Tom yelled, as he chased me down the main hallway of AG. We had come back after the failure. We'd have to make another try, but the head honchos wanted to send in a different team. So now we had no case, and it was all of our own fault.

“Tom.” I said swirling around to face him, “Don't tell me what to do! You disobeyed a direct order, and now we're off the case, and Jamie is gone!” I stormed down the hall, bumping Donny into the wall.

I got to my cubicle and sat down at my laptop. I started typing up my case report, and why we screwed up. I couldn't blame Tom, or he would get fired. I would have to blame myself. The place was unusually empty, and I was surprised that Tom and Donny weren't here.

I just shook my head and kept typing, until I heard the subtle steps of feet. I whirled around but it was too late! A gun was held against my head.

“Oh, Allison. You can't lose me that easy.” Jamie said, smiling softly, and kissing my cheek. “Your little Tom, and Donny are over in the lab, tied up, just like the rest of your co-workers.”

“Jamie... Why are you doing this?!?!” I demanded, trying to get away from his gun. He put it up against my jaw.

“Because, I know why you left me. You got into AG, and they forbid you to be with me. I want you back.” He laughed.

“I...have someone else though!” I exclaimed, lying out of my teeth. “Tom, my partner and I...we're...we're engaged!” I yelled, trying to get away.

Jamie stopped and looked at me. “Where's your ring?” He demanded in a hoarse voice.

“I don't wear it at the office...” I said trying to turn away.

“Well...If I can't have you.... He shouldn't be able to either.” And the ring of a gun recently fired rang into the empty air...

The author's comments:
This is part of a action/adventure/mystery trilogy, which holds an enemy that you all will never expect! Give me all the feedback you can. I can cancel the trilogy if you all find it not that great x.x

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on Oct. 9 2010 at 4:25 pm
TheEpicAuthor BRONZE, Dnver, Colorado
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For everytime you lose something you gain something else
For everytime you gain something you lose something else
Its all about youre outlook of life
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Continue this story please. this story is amazing.

Jessmkat said...
on Jan. 16 2010 at 6:45 pm
Jessmkat, Winner, South Dakota
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Cool! Can't wait for part 2

on Dec. 26 2009 at 4:34 pm
CanYouSeeTheCrazy PLATINUM, Cle Elum, Washington
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"I know why everyone in this world is so desperate to find love."
"Oh yeah? Why then?"
"Because, it's the closest thing we have to magic."

come on, that's a ginormous cliffhanger. tie it off in a part two, please? it's a good story though, lots of suspense, good drama, etc. it's just got a cliffhanger at the end and i need to know what comes next!

massizme said...
on Dec. 14 2009 at 8:24 pm
massizme, Miami, Florida
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"I'm not saying everything is survivable, just that everything but the last thing is."
Quentin Jacobsen, Paper Towns by John Green

hey. keep going. how can she remember being shot in the head? someone else must have shot. why did you stop?

Michaelmdd said...
on Oct. 30 2009 at 9:29 am
Wow. absolutly astonishing, please, i beg you please write more!!!!!

on Oct. 28 2009 at 11:14 am
Mitchell SILVER, Roebuck, South Carolina
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-Speak what you think now in words as hard as cannonballs and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict everything you said today.

I love this! Please write more.....I love the hint of NCIS in it!