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Never Before Told...

October 1, 2009
By Melissa Birdwell BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Melissa Birdwell BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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I’m guessing you’ve never heard the other side of the story of the Wizard Of the Oz? Well, today is your day. I’m guessing you also never heard that the Good Witch of The North was also The Wicked Witch of The West… yes I know this makes your hairs on your arms stand up. This is The Wizard of Oz.

Darkness filled the room that was a dark ugly brown and was lit up by candles that smelled of death while the Wicked Witch of The West lied in her deathbed awaiting her only sister that would take over the evilness in the depth of her heart, the Good Witch of The North. If she didn’t take her sisters evil, the evil would spread like a disease over the Land of Oz if she didn’t do so. The process is that both of the witches must cut slit on each of their hands and join hands with the opposite and the weakest would slowly drift away into the world unknown. The one that had been stronger and survived would take the power they had, taken their last strength and the ability to simply look like them. They had joined their hands, why was the one in their “death bed” heart still beating and the Good Witch on the floor motionless? That evil witch has tricked her.

Ten Years Later…

It was a bright and colorful day in the Land of Oz, the munchkins were blowing the bright orange pollen out of the flowers and the Wicked Witch of The East was no where to be seen so the could carelessly enjoy themselves. Then all of a sudden everything stopped because you could hear deadly loud footsteps of the witch walking their way. There she stood raising her finger to yell at the helpless munchkins but then all of a sudden the munchkins heard something that sounded like a bomb has struck them. Then the witch was gone forever before there very eyes, but only a body lie there. The Witch died by a grey and depressing house. Then suddenly the Witch that has taken over the life of the good witch a decade back appeared before them in what seemed the speed of light. She had told all the munchkins to hide and then appear out slowly out of the places they have hidden and act like the person I am are simply two different people, as if there life depended on it.
Every one should know how the story goes the girl that reminded the people of a million bright and colorful flowers from Kansas appeared before them. But then the “Good Witch” gives the girl the sparkly rose colored slippers, then acted like the evil witch she truly us and wanted them back as a cover up to enjoy the pain she wanted to put on someone… anyone.

The munchkins did a very fantastic job they sang to her and acted if nothing was wrong because their life depended on it. They told the wonderful bright girl to follow the yellow brick road to where she could go back to the place she lived all her life but what she doesn’t know is yet to come.
Through the story the sweet girl with the sky blue dress tries to make it through the hard obstacles of the very evil filled witch with while she makes it down to the sun colored yellow brick road.

Then sweet Dorothy makes it to the palace of were the grateful wizard is upon and when Dorothy talks to the wizard and then the expression on the wizards face was as if someone has told him something so bad, while he screams at her and commands her to get the witches hat and broom or else the thing she wants she will not get.

In the mean time…

Dorothy makes it to the witches soon to be resting place for the poor witch. Dorothy enters the spooky building, all the windows were shattered in a million pieces and the house looked like its been molded over for the were only the sad and depressing colors and every step Dorothy took the floors would squeak like a dieing duckling. Dorothy steps closer to this table that lies in the middle of a completely empty space well other than the dead rats laying all over the nasty floor. She reaches the table and there lies a book that appeared to be just opened also. As she looks at the page that it was open on it said “The Wicked Water Spell” continuing on the page it says throw the water on the one that slits their hands and make them melt, melt like butter on summer evening day, away.

Dorothy found the water in the corner of the room and it seems like the wicked witch attempted to clean those dreadful ugly greenish brown floors. She steps into each room attempting to find the wicked witch and finally she finds the wicked witch with the baby puke green face standing there with terror in her face because she sees Dorothy holding the water with a death grip her hand. The witch suddenly turns into the beautiful colorful it was the witch of the north and begs for forgiveness, Dorothy doesn’t back down she throws the bucket with all force at the truly evil witch! The good witches appearance runs down the evil witches body like wet paint and then you see the ugly face again screaming “I’m Melting, I’m Melting!”

No one really knows what happens to the person throwing the water…

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