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October 15, 2009
By Jerry Villeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jerry Villeda BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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“Hey Leon”
“I have to tell you something”
“It’s a one time opportunity”
“Ok just tell me”
“They offered us an opportunity to go with them to search for Magledon”
Who are they?

“The Researchers”
“Doesn’t that seem dangerous, and I thought that creature went extinct millions of years ago?”
“That’s what you think”
“No it’s the truth they did go extinct”
“Well explain the boat attacks”
It was probably a whale”
“But do whales eat half a boat “
“Your right but there is no way that thing still lives”
“But I don’t feel like going anyway”
“Come on you are not going to get eaten or anything”
“It will take more than that to persuade me”
“They will pay us”
“O.k. but only because they are going to pay us”

The day after Leon and José went to the airport.
They met up with the researchers, one had glasses and was thin the other was a girl who had a bag in her hand.
“Please get on the boat we have no time to waste” Said the woman

The boat’s engines started and they were off.
5 hours later when they reached their destination…
“Is this the spot?”
, yes, yes it is’
Whoa, we are far from shore”
Yes, Yes we are” Said the woman
“O.k. Set up the bate”
“A man got a huge piece of meat out of a container.
“This bait is huge”
“And dripping with blood
“Is it a whole cow?!”
“yes it is” said the scientist.”
The Boat started to shake and rumble”
“Hey is the boat supposed to shake and rumbles like that”.
“No its not but I think we found it after so many years we finally found it”!!!
Leon saw a huge shadow under the water it was about 50 feet in length 10 feet in width.
Oh god, you are right this thing is real I want to get out of here.
“Take us back”
No can do said the woman
“Well why not”
“The contract—
Leon cut her off
Forget the contract this thing is too dangerous, it could flip this boat easily.”
Well I’m sorry that wasn’t the contract.”
You’ll just have to wait until we tag it with a camera.”
Then we’ll have to wait” said Leon
Hey, where is José” said Leon
The boat started to rumble.”
Man I hate it when it does that, Hopefully Jose didn’t go overboard.
Jose! Where are you!
Over here in the water”
Jose was starting to struggle to stay up
I’ll get help stay the--
Ah forget it I’ll save you myself”
Leon jumped in the water to save Jose”.
He took hold of José and swam back to the boat. Leon noticed the same shadow again but this time it was under him and José.
Ah c***”
He swam faster and the creature was rising.
When he and José made it the creature reveled it’s self.
It looked like a great white shark but way bigger with huge teeth that were as big as an adult’s hand. As it swallowed the bait the scientist graved a gun that looked like a rifle.
She shot it but it wasn’t a bullet it was the camera”
I tagged it.
“Yes, now we can leave”
“Hurry lady I don’t want to stay here longer.”
Jose noticed the shark came out of the water again
“Hey guys it is coming back”
The boat shook hard making everyone almost fall.
Leon almost fell and was holding on the rail.
Hey José come and help me!”
Jose went to help Leon. O.k. you’re in. Now start the engine and let’s leave!!!”
“It won’t start!”
“Ah great now we are shark lunch”
“I think the propellers are stuck”
“Then someone has to go down there”
“Well I’m not going” said Leon
“Me nether” said Jose
“You think I’m crazy, I’m not going” said the woman.
“I’ll go” said the other researcher
“Are you crazy you’ll get killed out there” Said the woman.
“I really just want to get done with this and leave home” said the researcher.
“It’s the only way we will get out of here.”
After the researcher got in the diving suit and was ready to go in the water.
“O.k. ready “
“Yes I ‘am ready”
The researcher dropped himself in the water. He headed towards the propellers
He graved the propellers and gave them a turn. He went up to the surface to try it out.
“Hey turn it on try i-
He got cut off when he noticed the shark heading towards him.
He hurried to get on the boat.
But once he was almost on the shark took his ankle clean off
Leon and José went go to help him.
“Try to turn on the boat I think it works now” Screamed out Leon.
“We need to take him to the nearest hospital”.
The woman turned on the boat and it worked”!
“She put it on full speed”
“And they were off”

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