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October 19, 2009
By shamas BRONZE, Littletron, Colorado
shamas BRONZE, Littletron, Colorado
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Shots fire the bullets wipes by my head. I look through my scope of the DSR1 subsonic 30/6 sniper rifle; I fire one man goes down; I pull the bolt back a new round goes into the chamber; I take aim and fire another man goes down. This is my job I am a paid assassin. This job was given to me by the United States government. My mission is to take out the Korean General Song he’s in charge of all the northern and southern troops in North Korean. Speaking of General Song there he is now right on time I fire a round hits him in the shoulder; as the round hits him another one is on its way it hits him right above the heart.

As I climb down from the roof I hear sirens. As I start to walk down the street a jeep passes me right as I get to my car it is a -1960 Pontiac. As I climb into my car my phone starts to buzz I answer it and its Langston Overhalt. We used to work together in the CIA before Colombia -now he helps me make a living. As I drive away I find out that my mission was a success.

24 Hours later as I lay in my bed a ten man team of CIA agents report in one at a time; they have been there for the last seven years. The man who ordered them to keep watch is my old friend Langston Overholt. They are equipped very well-machine pistols, M-28 submachine gun, and the new age in night vision goggles. But they also have the new black porche SUV- they always switched every 12 hours.

As the agents reported in a man woke up half way around the world in a small hospital bed. The man was General Song or the man I thought I had just killed. He had two bullet wounds one right above his heart and another in his shoulder. Outside his room where two North Korean mp –military police- guards and a young American girl with brown hair and hardened blue eyes that could see threw the toughest of men, she was wearing a black silk suit. As she noticed him wake up she walks into the room.

“Good morning Sir.” She said in a very cheery voice. This young lady of about 28 was Lt. Megan overholt. She was the head intelligence officer for the North Korean secret police.

“Good morning Lt. how may I help you this fine morning?” He said in a very sarcastic tone.

“Well sir I was going over the Intel from the attack yesterday I found something very interesting.” She said and she continued “I believe the Americans were behind the attack. I also believe that it was to cover up a large movement of Russian troops on are northern border and a large movement of American troops on are southern border

When the general heard this he became very furious; He got up and slammed his fist on the bed side table. He screamed “What the heck are they planning to do to are country.”

“Is there something wrong sir.” She said in a surprised tone

“Yes there is Lt. were can not with stand a mass attack from two major super powers on both are borders.” He said in a furious tone as he walked toward the phone on the table and started to dial a number into the phone on the table.

The author's comments:
I took this from a book i am writing.

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