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Tonight We Come... (pg 3)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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I tried to calm them, “All of you quiet! Soldiers silence!” The soldiers quieted down and returned to their serious manner.

“Soldier Bennie, I like the way you think.” I said pointing a finger to his noggin. I signaled him to get back in line to his place.

“Thank you Leader.” said Bennie pleased with his work.

A hard thin leather whip slashed me across the face. I was taken aback and held my hand to my face. The hand I held up in front of me was covered in dark red blood. It was warm and thin, tickling my wrist as it ran down and dripped to the ground. I put my hand down and looked around.

“How dare you Leader!” Screamed the General. “How dare you let him show his emotions! This is a war we are talking about! Not a preschool game! You should be put into the dump you lazy idiot! It looks to me like you need to go back to training camp and start all over again! And now for you! You there young Soldier Johnny Benson!” The General pointed with his evil whip to the worried man.

I could see a small lining of my blood across the whip that shined back at me. It seemed to be laughing at me. “First of all soldier, you are to go by your real name. Not your nickname, not your initials, only by your real name! Also you tend to be the center of attention when you get your chance. You fool!” He spat. “You are just like any other soldier out here! Is that clear Soldier?!”

The General looked around with a face a red as a lobster. “Is that CLEAR!?” He screamed, slashing his whip around as if threatening to use it.

“Yes General!” Shouted the crowd of soldiers.

“Good you filthy maggots! Now you shall return to your assigned tents to prepare for tonight. Remember, one half of of you soldiers will be going to the war fields to battle the army. The other half, you know what to do! Capture anyone you find! Calling you out in a few moments! Anyone late shall be turned over to the king!” He looked around. “You may now go!”

The big group scurried away to go to their tents to get ready. Most soldiers just went through their belongings hoping that tonight would not be their last night.

I turned to face the General. “General, I am sorry. It was my mistake.”

“You are a disgrace to the Fire Clan you babbling idiot!” He turned and walked away toward his tent.

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