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Tonight We Come... (pg 4)

November 9, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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I looked around and decided that I should go to my tent. The pain across my face was unbearable. It bled and stung and hurt like heck. “I hate that guy.” I said aloud, hoping that no one would hear.

I walked up to my tent and stood outside the loosely hung door. Several quieted voices could be heard. I lifted the flap and went over to my bunk, furthest from the door and sat on the edge looking around. The soldiers stopped their conversations to glance over at me.

“Ouch that looks like a bad cut Leader! Does it hurt! How does it feel to be slapped with a whip?” Taunted the soldier across the room. “How does it feel to be like us?”

“You want me to fix that for you Leader?” Asked another man understanding the joke. “I can get you some medicine and sing you to sleep. Huh... Seems to me like you need a little nap. Need some nap time Leader?”

I laid down on my bed and turned to face the wall for some privacy. I pulled out a knitted red sweatshirt and stuffed it around my head for a little cave to hide in. I was like a bear getting ready for hibernation. I put my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out a photo of my family back home.

The three of us were standing in front of our new farm. It was a sunny day and the wind was blowing hard. My cute little blonde haired son was sitting upon my shoulders. His face was covered with thick dark chocolate... His favorite treat. His name was Sammy and he had thick curly hair just like me. Sammy had the glowing ghostlike eyes just like my wife, Cindy. Cindy was cuddled up against me, her hair wildly in her face. Boy I missed them. What if I don’t ever see them again? The thought kept running through my mind. What if I die? What if this war never ends? What if I am hurt and unable to return? What if...

I closed my eyes and tried to get the thoughts out of my head and stuffed the picture away. I tried to think happy thoughts, but was interrupted by a bag thrown at me. “What the-” I yelled sitting up and turning to the attacker.

“Hahaha! Scared you didn’t I Leader?” said Gordon, the only soldier that I could really truly trust.

“Why you little-” I looked around and realized that the other soldiers in the room were waiting for me. “What do all of you guys want?”

“Oh nothin...” Laughed the youngest soldier. “It’s just you look mighty tough with that blood dripping down your face. Hahaha! I never thought I’d see the day when you, the Leader got a slashing.”

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