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The Others Part 5

November 9, 2009
By writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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“What do you mean, the battle is coming?” Kenton demands, then convulses. Solila quickly helps him out of the car and Brayden and I jump out after them. Evie secures the car and we run into the woods a safe distance. We were all supporting Kenton’s convulsing body between us, so we gently set him down and back away. He relaxes, and then there’s a giant black leopard in our mist. His hazel eyes stand out from the complete blackness of the fur. Except… there it isn’t all black. There is an odd marking on his chest, and if you really look, you can see the spots. He rumbles, and the sound sounds a hell of a lot like laughter.

“I can still read you Kenton. Can you hear us?”

“Yep. And thanks to you I know what I am. Muahaha!” he attempts an evil laugh.

“Ah, Kent? Nothing evil about that. At all. Stupid.” I think back, and laugh out loud.

“I’m the last one? Humph. The suspense is killing me.” Brayden sounds like he’s joking, but I know that he feels left out of it.

“Don’t worry, Brayden! Cheer up. You’ll probable make the change within this day or the next. Ok?” Solila obviously noticed it too. He looks unconvinced. “I’ll bet you’re a…tiger, or a lion, or a…wolf!”

“Yeah, Brayden! Cheer up, seriously. I’ll bet that when you change, your going to be something really really cool and/or really big. Like what Solila said. K?” I say, trying to comfort him with my eyes. Kenton is looking back and forth at the people talking, and all of a sudden cuffs Brayden with an oversized paw.

“Yeah, buddy, ok? It’s actually quite weird. Four paws and a tail? Not to mention teeth and claws?? Sheesh. You’re not missing anything. K?” Kenton ‘speaks’ to all of us. As he nudges Bray with his muscular shoulder.

“We must continue on. We have about 3 hours left until we get there.” Evie starts heading back, then pauses, and shifts into a wolf. Still big, but feminine, smaller, leaner, as though she worked out in her wolf form. Solila and I hesitate, looking at each other, but follow suit. Brayden looks left out again. Kenton walks over, and kneels down.

Climb up, Brayden! Desiree, don’t worry, I just need to talk to him.” Kenton whispers in both of our minds.

I nod once, then leap into a run. I love the feeling of freedom this brings. Solila and Kenton running at my side. But I want someone else running there instead. I look over and see Brayden’s head down against the wind. In record time, we get to the car. We shift back, hop in, and we’re off. This time Brayden and I are in the second row. He still looks lonely.

“Hey. (Shouldering him gently) What’s wrong? It’s not that big of a deal, Bray. You’ll be able to soon enough.” I hate seeing him so down like this.

He sighs. “I know. But I feel like I’m missing out on a secret all of you share, and it’s going on right in front of my face, but even then I can’t figure it out. Soon enough is still going to be not as fast, not as strong, not as used to it. I’ll be newer at everything that this comes along with.” He looks at me.

“Brayden, you sound ridiculous. Honestly? When you shift, all you think of is your other form. Brayden, to begin with, you’re stronger than us all, faster. None of us are used to it! Solila’s better than me, and she did it after I did. Ok? Order doesn’t matter.
I’m sorry about the secret thing. And you’re wrong. My theory is, since we’re all different animals, we all have different feelings, including senses, than the other.” I quickly and quietly explain.
I see him relax, and I release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. I shiver and look at the temperature out. Wow, its still warm. But Evie set the air at 69. BRRR!!! He reaches into his bag, and pulls out a zip up hoodie, and wraps it around my shoulders. And pulls me closer to warm me up. I smile as I think of my mother’s words: Desiree, you will never have anyone at this age and spend the rest of your life with them. Brayden is the one person I love more than any other, and moments like this are the reason why. As he cradles me, keeping me safe and warm, my head on his chest, I fall asleep once again, and don’t wake up until we reach our destination.
“Desiree, time to wake up!” I hear Kenton say in a funny sing-song voice.
“UGH.” I turn my head into Brayden’s chest.
“Brayden? Desiree? Sheesh. How… I know!” all of a sudden, about a bucket of water dumps on my head.
“KENTON!” I bolt upright, and a glowing ball of fire appears in my right hand. I act like I’m going to throw it, and he jumps out of the car and runs away, laughing.
“Easy, Desiree. Don’t waste your energy on torching him. It isn’t worth it.” Brayden says from behind, and before I even turn around I can tell he’s smiling.
“Desiree? What happened to you?! Ok, one sec.” Evie mutters a spell and I’m dry, back to looking the way I did before I fell asleep.
“Thanks? I guess? So we’re here, now what. I must say, this isn’t as dark and gloomy as the Watcher’s base.” I say, carefully looking it over. “KENTON! Come back here! I promise not to kill you until we finish checking the place out.” he appears, looking sheepishly grinning.
We stand facing each other, all four of us, hands almost touching, but an inch apart. Then, as soon as Kenton links us all, we press our palms together and entwine our fingers, and close our eyes. All at the same time. I throw out my energy to blanket the entire grounds, and a barrage of emotions hits me once again.
I hear Brayden calling out to creatures of the air, land, and water, and Solila is surveying the inside of the house. Kenton is quickly touching on everyone’s thoughts.
Within 5 min, we’re done. We take turns going around, thinking to each other what we have found out using our various gifts. The overall review is nothing to threaten us at this moment, and a lot of people are just curious.
We open our eyes, and I feel Brayden quickly squeeze my fingers before dropping his hand. I turn to Evie, and bow really low. “After you, malady.” Sweeping my hand to the side. Everyone laughs, and I straighten up and we all follow Evie through the thick oak doors. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kenton take Solila’s hand and squeeze it. Solila relaxes, and I want more than anything for Brayden to take mine, or to tell me not to be afraid, even to laugh at my fear and tell me there’s no reason for it. He looks at me, and then takes my hand as we walk up the steps.
“You ready?” My heart is pounding in my ears as Evie asks us this simple question. Turning back to the door, Evie turns the knob, and pushes the door open.

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on Dec. 21 2009 at 8:45 pm
writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
33 articles 0 photos 130 comments

Favorite Quote:
Anyone who says winning isn't everything,
Has won nothing.
``Mia Hamm

I am feeling quite proud of myself right now! press previous again. YEAH!!!