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Criminal Minda

November 24, 2009
By apurvis SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
apurvis SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The alarms sounded, and the police were notified. Citizens were running rampant thru the aisles, not knowing what to do or where to hide. With a black mask covering his or her face, they ran up and down each aisle knocking the food off of the shelves. But this wasn’t all. They also had a clandestine can of silly string hiding in their back pocket, spraying it on the children’s faces. Parents were under duress trying to get out of the building without him or her catching them.
Finally the police arrived and they were ready to catch the culprit. When they entered the grocery store the criminal had a flagrant trap set up for them. They were able to avoid this easily and move further into the store. With the customers screaming and the workers trying to pick up the food, it was difficult for the police to stay serious. The inane manager was running in circles creating more chaos.
Once the police spotted the scandalous criminal, they concurred that they would spread out and pin him in the corner with no where to run. Using their good ethics they captured the culprit and found out that it was Joey, one of their old cashiers. With Joey’s inexorable personality, they could not convince him that what he had done was wrong. He said, “This company deserved everything that they were given. They fired their best employee. If I were here when something like this happened I would have gotten the customers to safety, unlike everyone else who ran for cover.”
Even though no one was hurt and he was only trying to prove a point, what Joey did was still vandalism. He was sentenced to 500 hours of community service and he had to pay for all the repair costs in the store. The police admonished him never to do this ever again or the consequences would be worse.
The store was repaired in no time and Joey had learned his lesson.
Joey whispered, “Next time I won’t get caught.”

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