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Surbanan Romance, A story of Rescue.

November 25, 2009
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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Silence of suffocation flustering the air around us.
The smoke from your 6-puff cigarette,surrounding in small romantic,yet mysterious bursts.
Gripping my hand tightly in yours,creeping towards the end of the drive,silent communication keeping us connected.
The grimace grin of a once lost lover purging in your mind.
Me,only wishing to appreciate your embrace.
She,much older,much wiser,much more appealing.Your heart,she stole,holding it captive in a hostage situation.Dwelling you to come and save her from captors of her own,somehow coincidentally dragging your little middle-school friend and neighbor to tag along in this Romeo and Juliet adventure.
Me,scrawny twelve-year-old in worn-out sneakers,always carrying a messenger bag full of mystery novels.Stringy aubourn hair,and little black spectacles shading my emerald green eyes.
How did it come to this?
A situation I've only dreamt of.
My fifteen-year-old neighbor since birth,flawless and ever so inviting,sculpted fingers intertwined in mine.
The understanding of the concept at hand,you've only swept me out of my warm slumber at midnight to aid in the rescue of your highschool sweetheart..hasn't quite sunk in.
Maybe it's the fact that it was you knocking on my window tonight,or maybe it could be the fact I was so rudely awoke by such.
Silently scarping along the wall of the garage door,tumbleing swiflty to the dew-kissed mounds of green.
You,so maturely walking along,the moonlight dancing along your radiance.
Your conceptious grey eyes fix on my person,jokingly tip-toeing with my hands in the form of a gun,knees bent,humming CSI tunes to myself.
Stunned to glancing over towards you,to find your own eyes fixed on me.
Stumble only once,blush in the moonlight,smile crookedly,as you return the warmth of your hand gently into mine.
A porchlight across the way flickers on,a gasp as you drop to all fours,pulling me down to rest by your side.
A tense look creeps across your face,glaring at the man in the bathrobe and bunny slippers restoring his trashcans to the side of the rode,so he can return to his own cozy bed.
Once out of sight,gliding to our feet,finally have reached the cement-paved road.
My hands become doused in a hot sweat,as you turn and smile sweetly into my wishing glare.
Setting our sights off into the dark,taking off in a full sprint.
'Let's go rescue ourselves a damsel in distress.'
Your simple whisper,inspiring.
'Oh,why not.What have I got to lose?Sure beats sleeping until seven o'clock.'

The author's comments:
I love how you guys eat stuff like this up.
I really hope you like this one.
I must say,I'm surprised to have so many readers.But,nonetheless,I love it,and I love you all.
I'm lad my works aren't going to complete waste.
This one has more parts coming in order,depending on the reactions.

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