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The Chameleon

October 19, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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They call me Chameleon. I blend in, I kill, I find ways to do the impossible. I am Chameleon, and I am deadly.

I stepped through the litter that covered the ground, and tried to make my way to the “abandoned” house that was looming in the distance. As I walked, a slouched drunk shot me a dirty look, and pulled out a flask, taking a big swig from it. I shuddered to myself, thinking, Why do I have to even do this...? I knew why. It's because of Danny DeMarco, and his stupid idea of where to put our base.

I just shrugged my shoulders, and finally got to the condemned building. The door creaked open... “Emmy?” Danny whispered, his head barely peaking out of the door.

“Who do you think it would be, Danny?” I hissed at him, trying to push open the door. Danny DeMarco was my boss, but we both knew who pulled the weight in this relationship.

“Did any people try to stop you on your way here?” He asked, holding his ground, but opening the door all the way.

“No, but a bum shot me a glare.” I said, taking Danny in. I hadn't seen him for a year, and boy did he look different! Chiseled features, dark-chestnut hair, and golden eyes. I paused for a minute, after looking at him, my breath now shallow.

“Well, come on in Emmy.” He replied, ushering me inside. I stepped around him, walking in, and taking in the room. Old portraits hung up, and the walls had a thick layer of dust. “Please come this way, Emmy, and I'll take you to the briefing room.” Danny said, grabbing my elbow, and leading me into a new room.

A round table stood before me, three chairs around it. Danny took the chair at the head, and directed me to the one on his right. I situated myself in the chair, and gave Danny a questioning glance.

“Just wait.” He said, staring at the door. It softly opened, and a man came in. He had charcoal colored hair, and grey eyes.

“Hello, Chameleon. I'm your new client.” The man said, sitting down at the only available chair, and flashing me a bright smile. My eyebrows went up, he shouldn't know my code-name, and everyone knows that I don't take clients. Danny plastered a fake smile on his face, and pulled out a manila folder.

“Mr. James here, needs you to assassinate someone. A master criminal...” Danny said, pulling out photos of the woman, and showing it to me.

The woman wore all black, and she was beautiful. I glared at the photos, I wasn't an assassin for hire, but apparently Danny thought I was.

“This woman, is actually my wife.”Mr. James started, “I only found out about how evil she is several weeks ago.” I change my glare to him, and not the woman's picture. “Don't be mad at me...” He says, a confused smile on his face.

“Emmy, you have to do this.” Danny responds, giving me a pointed glance. I sigh, stand up, and leave the room. Time to get ready to kill.

I sat at a table, Danny across from me, he in an amazing tux. I was in a short, teal, cocktail dress, and he kept stealing glances at my bare legs.

“Danny? Eyes on the target, not on my legs.” I said softly, scanning the area for our target, Amber James. Danny chuckled softly to himself, and looked away from our table looking for Amber.

“Emmy, do you think she'll be here?” Danny asked me, slowly sipping some of his cocktail.

“Yes.” I replied, finally finding the woman I was looking for. Danny followed my line of vision, and found her as well. She was talking to several businessmen, and slurping up a fancy margarita. I smiled to myself, grabbing my purse, and standing up.

“What are you doing?!?!” Danny said in confusion.

“What do you mean, honey? I'm just going to the roof. Would you like to join me?” I said, smiling, and pretending like we had planned, that I was his girlfriend.

Danny gave me a sexy smile, and responded “Sure, babe.” We made our way through the many people talking and got up to the rooftop. “So, what's the plan??” He asked me.

I laughed, “Stay back, pretty boy, let me handle it.” I ran to the edge of the building and jumped, landing on the other roof. I still had my purse, and opened it up, throwing out the contents. My sniper equipment came out, and I set it up, aiming it at the window and finding Amber's head.

“NO! STOP!!!” Danny yelled at me. I looked up, the gun still aimed. Mr. James was there, a knife at Danny's throat.

“So I lied, I'm the evil one, not her. But darn, I didn't think you'd actually try to KILL her!” Mr. James laughed, his knife getting closer to Danny's throat.

I gulped, fingers shaking, and put down my gun, but before Mr. James realized what I was doing, I grabbed my purse, grabbed out a small pistol, and then aimed, and shot it. I had barely even thought about it, all that was in my mind at that time was saving my boss.

Blood splattered onto the concrete, as well as onto Danny. He shuddered, and dropped to the ground, shaking slightly. He had never been in near death experiences. I grabbed my stuff, and jumped over back to Danny.

“Are you ok?!” I whispered, lifting him up. I had to get him out of here.

Two weeks later, Danny and I were sitting in the briefing room again. “Thank you, for saving me....” He said, pulling out a manila folder. “But you've got a new job Chameleon.” He passed the folder to me. Oh well, at least I blend in well. I grabbed the folder, and got ready for my next job....

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it was pretty good. That would make a good book. or even a series