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The Sheriff

April 17, 2008
By Christine Ji Min Park BRONZE, Coquitlam, Other
Christine Ji Min Park BRONZE, Coquitlam, Other
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“I guess it’s Nymtiw, again. See the test result. There are no footprints and fingerprints,” said Evan, quite seriously.

“Ha! Then, do you mean that it’s ghost or something? Oh my god, it scares me to death!” said Jack in a jest.

Outside of the test room, Jasmine knocked the glass wall and held the phone toward them. Jack opened slightly, and poked in his head.

“What’s up?” Jasmine said as she smiled. “It’s for Evan, not you.”

Jack tapped Evan’s shoulder and whispered quietly. “Oh, poor, Evan. Get the phone.”

Evan frowned. “What’s the problem? Is it for me?” asked Evan as he walked outside, still frowning.

Jasmine gave him the phone.

“Hello?” Evan answered with his deep voice, expecting to hear something serious.

“Hello? Evan? It’s me, Samantha. Is something wrong?” Samantha, who was Evan’s fiancée, asked curiously. Now, a smile crossed Evan’s face.

He cleared his throat and said delightfully, “Oh, no. Nothing matters” Jasmine asked Evan to have dinner, but Evan didn’t have time for dinner with her. “Oh, dear. I don’t have time, tonight. I’m really sorry and I…need to go right now. Samantha, I’m really sorry. What about tomorrow, is that ok? Hello?” Evan tried to explain her, but she hung up the phone.

Evan Winston is a twenty-year-old sheriff in Prince Edward Island. He is always busy with all the crimes that occur in the small town where he lives. Both his parents died when he was seven years old, so he has been living with his grandparents. Soon, he will be marrying his lovely fiancée, Samantha. However, he doesn’t even have time to see her. Nowadays, he is frustrated with, solving crime. The only thing that the test result showed him is a blank sheet of test paper. There were no footprints, no fingerprints, and no evidence at all. He thinks the criminal is an unknown creature called Nymtiw.

Before he moved to the Prince Edward Island, he found a book with a red cover in his bookshelf, and he remembered that the story in that book had mentioned about that unknown creature, Nymtiw. Evan believes it’s a Nymtiw, but no one agrees with him, even his company, Jack. He recalled that he got that book for his birthday from his grandfather, just because he is a sheriff. He hadn’t noticed it before because his room is not clean. And now, he couldn’t even find any red book.

A doorbell rang. Evan glanced at the clock as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. It was nine o’clock in the morning! Evan sat up straight and sighed. “Ah. Who’s there in the morning!” Today was his day-off, so he wanted to stay in his bed later than ever.

“Coming!” Evan ran and opened the door. It was Samantha. “Oh, Sam. It’s you.” Samantha didn’t say anything and just went inside. Evan could see she was mad. “Coffee?” Evan asked; trying to get attention from her.

“No, I just want to talk to you.” Samantha replied quietly.

“Look, I was really busy last night, and I asked you if today would be okay, then you just hung up the phone…” Evan murmured as he read her face.

Samantha scowled and yelled furiously, “Arent’s you even sorry? I haven’t seen your face for a month, and soon, we will get married. Evan! Is the test result more important than me?” Her eyes watered.

“I’m really really sorry. I’m thousand times sorry. Don’t be mad, you know I love you. I’ll make lasagne for you, just wait till you smell the aroma!” Evan yelled excitedly to make Samantha happy. Evan was a real good cook for the lasagne, which is both Samantha and Evan’s favourite food. They had the most elegant meal that day. Samantha seemed not mad anymore. Evan lifted her up high and kissed her.

“Sam. Please, understand me. You know I’m trying hard to catch that cunning criminal. I just don’t want it to be my burden even after we get married. That’s all I want,” Evan whispered. Samantha just smiled, which meant yes to him.

Next morning, Evan got up early and drove off to the office. He entered as he was whistling. As soon as he entered, Jasmine ran to him and said, “You have a visitor, Evan.” Evan walked inside his room, and there was a man sitting at a wooden chair.

“Hello, Evan. I’m H’ajjee Bobbie Allibobba. Just call me H’ajjee. I’m sixty three year old, a bit old. Ha-ha.” He chuckled and shook hands with Evan.

“So, why were you waiting for me, H’ajjee?” Evan asked bewildered.

“Oh, I just wanted to tell you that I know the unknown creature which you are looking for. You know, that Nymtiw thing with no evidence to find.”

Evan’s eyes widened. “Do you know it? Tell me about him, please.” He got his investigating note and a pen to write down some information. But Evan’s face got stiff.

“Not free. Ha-ha,” H’ajjee said as he chuckled again.

“Well, then. How can I trust you that you have information about Nymtiw?” Evan lifted his head up high.

“Oh, young man. I know everything about it because I’m the one who wrote the book about it.”

Evan jumped up, “You mean the book with a red cover?”

H’ajjee laughed out loud. “Yes, yes! I’m the one who wrote it. See?” He handed a red-covered book that said, ‘Mysterious Nymtiw,’ which was exactly the same as Evan’s book. Evan didn’t know where his book was and he had no choice. He wanted a book, but not for free.

“Ok, so, what do you want?” Evan asked him seriously.

H’ajjee came closer to Evan and whispered, “I need a place to live and your house would be the best.”

Evan sighed, “Are you kidding me? Soon, I’m gonna get married and you wanna live at my house? No way.”

H’ajjee stood up impatiently. “Okay, then. No book for you. It was nice to meet you, Evan Winston.”

Evan grabbed his wrist firmly. “Oh, no. Wait, Ok, you can stay at my house, but only for a month. Ok?”

H’ajjee chuckled and yelled. “Nice! Good deal!” Then, he just went out.

Evan sighed and murmured to himself. “Oh my goodness. Sam’s gonna get mad at me again.” Then, Jackcame in. “Who is that old man?”

Evan said weakly, “He’s the only man who knows about Nymtiw. He offered me a book, and in exchange, he’s gonna live at my house, and…”

Jack interrupted suddenly. “No! No, Evan. Don’t get that book. No, please. No. How do you know that he’s the one who wrote the book…” There, Jack made a mistake.

“Jack, how do you know that he’s the author of the book? Do you know him? And why are you so…aggressive today? Are you all right?”

Jack dropped his face and stumbles, “Sorry for yelling. Oh, and…I…just read the book.”

Evan grinned and asked with ecstasy, “Why didn’t you tell me, then? I didn’t have to let the man stay at my house.” Evan sat down on this chair as he continued, “Tell me about it, Jack.”

However, Jack kept stumbling and just stood in front of him. There was a moment of silence. Then, Evan’s cell phone rang. Jack sighed. “Hello? Oh, hi. Yes. I’m doing ok…” While Evan was having a phone conversation, Jack tiptoed out of the room. Jack ran to the kitchen and quickly swallowed his pills, which make him relax.

Fresh Sunday morning, with a blizzard of the blossoms from his garden. It was Evan’s birthday and it was also a day when H’ajjee came to his house.

“Nice house, Evan!” He sat on a couch. “Quite neat for a man’d house!”

Evan, as he half-laughed said, “Of course, I said I will get married, soon!”

H’ajje’s smile has gone, suddenly. “Evan, you’d better stay away from your company, Jack.”

Evan frowned. “Why should I? He’s my friend and we work together.”

H’ajjee sighed. “I didn’t want to tell you, but I might have to. He’s the one.”

Evan narrowed his eyes as he tried to find out what H’ajjee meant. Then, he remembered that day, after J’ajjee had left. Jack was stumbling and trying not to met Evan’s eyes. He just looked suspicious, but he didn’t understand what H’ajjee meant that he’s the one.

“What do you mean, he’s the one?”Evan asked eagerly.

H’ajjee said hesitantly. “Don’t blame me about this. I’m just telling you the truth. He’s the Nymtiw.”

Evan plummeted on the couch. “What? I don’t like those kind of jokes.”

H’ajjee put his hand over Evan’s shoulder and said, “I knew you wouldn’t believe me, but you know our deal. I’m here to help you. Jack has the book. I don’t want you to be betrayed by him.”

Evan felt like his head was spinning. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it. He threw H’ajjee’s arm and dashed to his office.

In his office, he checked the test results again; trying to find evidence about Nymtiw, or now, it’s Jack. But, it was the same.

A brilliant idea brightened inside his head. A radiation lights! Evan quickly turned the temporary radiation light and put the test paper on it. Evan could not close his mouth. He just stood there, opened his mouth numbly, and watched the papers. Each paper said Jack’s full name and the next victim’s name. Then, the last sheet of test paper captivated Evan’s eyes. It said Jack’s full name and beside it, there was his fiancée, Samantha Camplin’s name, nicely written. Two thought crossed in his head. Should he go to Samantha and protect her, or go to Jack and see the end. IEvan called his house, waiting impatiently for H’ajjee to answer.

“Hello? H’ajjee? It’s me, Evan. You know where Samantha is, right? Go to her, right now. Just say you are my friend, and don’t tell her anything else. And…thank you” Evan hung up, put on his formal suit for sheriff, and for the first time, he carried a gun with him.

He used to be very afraid of night, especially the clock-alarm at midnight. But, that night, he wasn’t. The flame was leaping inside his heart. He could even hear his heart best. His pace became quicker and quicker. Finally, he was there, at Jack’s house. He knocked on the door. After a minute or so, Jack opened the door as he rubbed his eye.

“Evan, are you crazy? Do you even know what time is it right now? And why are you wearing a sheriff suit? Oh, you want me to patrol with you? You’re still afraid of that night, ha-ha.”

An anger flowed over Evan’s body like a volcano. He quickly placed a gun right on the side of Jack’s head. Jack stopped laughing.

“What are you doing, Evan?” Put the gun down! You haven’t even used the gun before, put the gun down!”

Evan took a deep breath and whispered, “Shut up. Tell me the truth, or I’ll shoot”

Jack denied, “Tell you what? The true? What truth? You must have been dreaming or something. Now, put the gun down and come inside. Let’s have talk.” But Evan didn’t move a step at all. “Evan, I’m serious. It’s not funny. Put the gun down and come inside.”

Evan didn’t whisper this time. “Tell me the truth! Who is Nymtiw?”

Jack scowled and sighed. “Ah, that thing again? Hey, how do I know?

Evan put his gun and asked again, “Who is Nymtiw? Why you arebtraying me? Why do you want such a tragedy!” His breath became rough.

Jack tried to sya something and tried to look innocent. “Nymtiw? Who will it be? I felt sorry for your fiancée, Samantha. The Nymtiw is…”
Evan pulled the trigger. The banging sound echoed and Evan sat there and said. “I don’t want hear you anymore.”

He went straight to Samantha’s house. As if she was waiting for him, she opened the door for him. But there was no H’ajjee. Samantha told Evan that an old man had just come and told her to stay where she is, then Evan would have come and see her. Evan didn’t want to think about anything. He just wanted to be lying there forever with Samantha safely, and peacefully. The sound of sirens echoed in his ear as he closed his eyes.

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Wow. This is a great piece!

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