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armed 4

April 14, 2010
By bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
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As soon as we were in the castle we saw that it was fill with tension in the air and chaos. The unexpected arrival of Valentine, we all wanted to know what was going to happen. Me and straiter decided to go back to our dorms since it was too much caos. At our dorms he told me that all of these was a set-up, so I responded: “whatever man this is all just coincidence”. I hung out at my bed alone just thinking about all of the chaos that had just happened. I went back to the main hall and saw that it was cleared up , so I decided to go to the enfermary to see what I could found out. On my way there I saw rally headed this way , his face was full with anger I obviously moved out of his way (I am not stupid). Once at the enfermary everything was silent and there was no one at the halls, I wonder why. Out of nowhere I saw Sergeant Gray running at me “why are you not in the dorm?” , “what do you mean?” , “everyone got called back to their dorms, and don’t ask questions just go”.

Once at the dorm everything was silent not even one word. Sergeant Gray came in and sat down. Strater got up and asked: “what is wrong why were we called here?” “Listen I am not an officer I don’t make the rules I just follow them”. “About Valentine” he added,”she is in the enfermery and we do not exactly know what is wrong with her right now, but we will find out as soon as she gets better”.

The next day we were all out in the lobby and rumors filled the air. There were rumors about everything, the officers, valentine ETC. Me personally decided not to listen to them, they are just rumors. There are not many things you can really do early in the morning here. No one was allowed near the enfermery. Lunch time came. Me and straiter sat together as always . The officers sat at the high table were they could see us. They did not have the usual look in their faces everyone was worried. They were murmuring amongst themselves. Raly look mad , as always , but then Mckneel told him something and it looked like he just snaped and yelled “ you can’t do this to me I am an officer is not fair” “sit down now Raly, NOW” Ahmadi told him , he did as he was told. We all looked at them, they saw us so they got up and left. “I wonder what that was about “said straiter.

The next day we saw something that I did not think it was possible we saw Raly without the white shoulder chord , we were all in shock. I could not believe it they kicked Raly out of the color guard he was not the commander anymore. No one stranded his way that day; for we know he could easily knock as out. Things probably would never be the same.

That same day we saw valentine walking sown the halls of the castle.

The author's comments:
the fourth instalment of my series

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