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armed 5

April 19, 2010
By bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
bennyB PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
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That same day raly was kicked out of the color guard we saw Valentine walking those halls. Everyone asked her what happened but the funniest part was that she did not know what happened. Ahmadi interviewed her, but Valentine said that she did not know what happened (that’s weird). Mckneel told me that we should just drop the subject and go on with our lives, but then again what happened to the rest of the un-armed. Ahmadi is really frustrated (well she has all the right to be). Raly is p***** every day I see him, and the color guard has not been the same without him. McNeil says that Raly was the strength of the color guard, without him they are pretty much dead.

While patrolling outside with my something un-expected happened. It was like a light flew out of no were and it landed right in front of us, it was blinking and then there was a loud noise and a bog flash is when we realized that it was a flash grenade. I was blinded and I felt something hit me in my head everything was ringing . I heard the voices yelling and telling me to get up then I heard gun shots. As soon as I got up I realized that they were natives. They were fighting with homemade spears, bows and arrows and homemade shields. As soon as a grabbed my rifle I aimed and shot one. The shot went right trough the shield killing him. It was mass chaos. It was only one squad of them and one of us but we still won (we had better weapons and better training). We were too tired and hurt, so Raly came out with a squad (no color guard and he was also p*****) and replaced us. We went inside. I got to the dorm and collapsed on the bed. Colonel Ahmadi came in with first sergeant Mays who is also the chief medic. Ahmadi asked: “are you guys ok???” we all said “yes”,”ok” and then she walked out.

McNeil talked to me at lunch “hey Benny how are you feeling” he asked me “I am feeling fine just a little battered”. “That’s good know you know what you have to go through to be an officer man” “feel you man, hey what does Ahmadi think about that??” “Well she has seen it before and even worst things so this little attack is not a big deal for Rachel”. “Well ok, and what about the un-armed?” “Rachel is trying her best, but eventually we will eventually give up I guess”. “We are vulnerable, with the color guard weak we have to find a replacement. “ “I guess”

I that following morning for some reason someone decided to order me to bring Valentine dinner. As soon I walked in there I saw something so gruesome so wrong it could probably affect Ahmadi I walked in there I saw something so gruesome so wrong it could probably affect Ahmadi for ever for ever

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