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Joey's Adventure

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Joey who wanted to go on an adventure. He spent all of his free time reading about the adventures of authors and make-believe characters. They were not make-believe to Joey; they were like his best friends. In his mind, he would often escape to imaginary places with his best friends, spending hours on end, lying in bed, imagining the adventures he knew he would someday take. He found computer and video games that would allow him to adventure with other imaginative people like him. It was as close to a real adventure than he could get, so he started making free time for the adventures. Joey was content. He enjoyed his adventures in his room so much that he never left, except to eat of course.
One day, when Joey was alone in his room, a precious rock fell from the sky, and crashed into the driveway, but Joey did not see it. His older brother, who was outside playing, found the rock and picked it up, inevitably launching him into a mystery filled with intelligent puzzles, humorous encounters, nasty villains, and beautiful woman. Joey never even knew. He was alone in his room, playing computer games.
When his brother returned, he bragged to Joey about the glamorous adventure that he had embarked on, knowing that it was his little brother’s one and only dream. While Joey had been inside playing games on a shiny screen, his older brother was away experiencing the only thing that could make him happy. If only Joey had been outside, it would have been his adventure.
What Joey did not understand is the fact that life is an adventure, and to escape to the imaginary places is to miss out on the few great moments that one is supposed to experience. When destiny called, Joey was not ready. It was stolen from him, and he has dreaded it ever since. Since learning this valuable lesson, Joey has lived in the moment; experiencing the good things life has to offer. He has been traveling the world, searching for the adventure he had lost, and the mystery he could have solved. He still imagines the glory, the thrill, and the fulfillment that he could have had. Who knows, maybe he will get a second chance.

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on Jul. 7 2009 at 11:14 pm
a_bunch_of_nuns, Unknown, Wisconsin
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I like the message in this story.

I fell that the beginning was kinda weak(acually I just can't stand it when people start our stories with "Once upon a time..." ;D) but otherwise, you've got a good story here.