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Dragon City

October 26, 2010
By Vampire99 SILVER, Grand Ronde, Oregon
Vampire99 SILVER, Grand Ronde, Oregon
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The shriek of a baby, the cry of steel, the banging of drums pierced the air as Amelia opened her jaws wide, forcing her roar to be heard thousands of miles over the land of Alba. Slowly her jaws returned to their shut position as she glared down at her once beautiful city. Vines threatened to break through the marble walls that surrounded the ancient huts and taverns within it. Birds carelessly gathered on the edges of two doors that welcomed and shunned visitors, as if Dragon City was a mere myth.
The scales of the Gate Keepers, that guarded the entry way to the city, where dull with time and of little use. Little motion came from them as Amelia's warning roar continued to echo across the grounds. Slowly their eyelids pulled back to reveal their amber eyes, but with no recognition. As the Gate Keepers lifted their heads, and stared at the supposed danger that would meet them, bare witnessed to bus load after bus load filled with pointless humans, approaching the city limits. Light quickly flared in their eyes as the heaved themselves to their paws, adjusting their scales, forcing life to travel down their thirty foot long bodies. Vibrations shuttered throughout the Gate Keepers, sending waves after waves within the city walls. Forcing the city to hum with life; vines no longer threatened to break through marble as the crept back to the ground from where they came. Birds scattered as the vibrations shook the doors, where they perched. The marble walls slowly began to glow with love, and life as the city people awoke from a century long sleep. Smoke lazily crawled higher into the morning sky as morning fires warmed the hollow alleyways.
A hundred years worth of dust, spider webs, and deceased creatures erupted from the city to lazily cover the now arriving humans. Weak coughs echoed throughout the dust cloud, as bus load after bus load emptied themselves at the feet of Dragon City. The Gate Keepers quickly penetrated the souls of every human as they passed easily and quickly through the threshold of the large oak doors of the city. Hundreds, thousands, emerged from the cloud never seeming to end, fed on and on by the never ending buses.
Rage quickly laced throughout Amelia's body as she continued to stare down at her city, not even five minutes to awaken and breathe! Her thoughts screamed to be heard but she kept her muzzle tightly shut. Steam rose from her scales as her rage continued to grow. Her claws pierced the soil under her paws as she vaulted off a cliff side. Leaving the protective canopy she fell. Free falling, she sharpened her gaze as she inhaled deeply summoning her scales to form wings. Like an angel from hell, her shadow engulfed the city and surrounded the neighboring land as she slowly circled. Smoke, far darker than ink, leaked from her scales forcing darkness into the most light filled of places. Screeching metal penetrated everyone's ears forcing them to buckle in pain, forcing them to bow, as Amelia gracefully landed before them. Her horned skull swayed side to side as she gazed at all the possible meals that could easily walk into her jaws. A scaly smile played at her muzzle as she simply sat in the threshold of Dragon City.
Smoke slithered lazily out and in of her mouth as her scales pulled back into a deeper smile, her canines begging to be seen. Her eyes swiftly met the all seeing eyes of the Gate Keeper's as she forced her words in their minds.
To many will pass without aid
Roco shivered as her words slithered sweetly into his tired old mind. His amber eyes slowly met her crystalline blue ones as he nervously shifted his paws underneath himself to properly bow. His daughter Rash quickly followed her fathers movements.
Your daughter has allowed eighteen innocent humans to pass without truly gazing within the depths of their souls to confirm their innocents, Amelia words harshly penetrated Roco's mind as her gaze shifted to Rash. Allowing her words to sink into his tensing mind she looked at him, Thank Victim this is nothing more than a training exercise.
He winced as he heard the soft growls from his daughter, her chest filled with air as her anger unleashed, her glare did nothing to Amelia's posture as they met gazes. Rash's muzzle lifted as words quickly formed on her tongue, “If tis my fault punish, not he but I, one they call great defender!”
Amelia's eyes flashed as she glared at the young dragon. Rash clasped her chest then collapsed to the ground as Amelia's eyes continued to glow with power. A muffled cry wisped from her jaws as an invisible force pushed harder on her body, slowly crushing her.
You dare raise your tongue to a being that can break your neck with a twitch of a claw?! Rash squired in pain under Amelia's power. Relentlessly Amelia released her power grip on the child. Disregarding the Gate Keepers, Amelia brought her gaze towards the ground. The humans gathered around with emotionless expressions as they slowly began to dissipate. The rough edges of scales quickly became visible on the once smooth surface of what was skin. A large mass of scales took the place of thousands of humans, they hummed with life. They eagerly slithered towards Amelia to claim their rightful place among her immense body.
“They were fake”, Roco whispered as he watched Amelia's many scales squirm up her legs. Her body shifted and quivered as the scales reattached themselves to her body. Sickened he looked away, a small snarl lacing itself on his muzzle.
Amelia glanced at him, then the ground. You have slept far to long, it's time to polish our movements...practice makes perfect. Rolling her eyes for no reason, she sighed loudly as she closed her eyes. Pain erupted in Amelia as her bones expanded then shrunk, her body shifted slowly. Her long muzzle breaking down, her fangs becoming simple human teeth, slitted pupils filled out to a circle, claws withdrew to human nails. Her scales fluttered to accommodate to the size difference. Leather hugged tight to Amelia's lean figure as she slid sunglass up her nose. Her body shivered slightly as she stood in her weakest form, her human form.
She glanced at the Gate Keeper's then glared into the center of the city. Hate rules she mumbled as she strode into the city with an air of confidence and power. The cobble streets did nothing good to Amelia balance, as she stepped cautiously over pot holes. When are they gonna up date these damn roads...it ain't the 16th century anymore people. Her eyebrows tightly held together she quickened her steps as towns folk started to notice her and bow slightly.
Hiding in the dim light of a tavern, she sighed softly as the familiar scents and warmth began to caress her. She slowly made her way to the far corner to claim her normal seat, removing her coat before sitting she glanced at the people that ignored her. She leaned back in her chair staring at the back of a black trench coat, that hug tightly to the owners back. She cocked her head to side frowning softly as she casted a glance at the bartender, slamming a fist on the table.
Jeff glanced at her as he slowly cleaned a glass, blinking slowly he flipped her off. Snarling with displeasure Amelia slammed her body against the bar, grabbing his collar. The cool lick of metal against her neck froze her words in her throat.
“Let him go” a deep foreign voice rumbled against her ear as he pull tighter on her neck. Slowly Amelia released Jeff, the pressure on her neck lessened as the male stepped back. She glanced over her shoulder, to only witness the black mass leaving the place. The taverns old doors slammed to a close, shaking the old pine walls, that seemed to absorb all the light that was reflected from the candles that laid on each table.
Amelia slowly looked back at Jeff as he slide a glass full of liquor towards her. No words were spoken, no words where ever spoken. Blinking slowly she sat at the bar, and savored her drink. She stared at her reflection on the back wall between to bottles of tequila. She looked tired in her muscle shirt and sunglasses. Her silky white locks fell into her view hiding her scarred face and arms. Slowly she laid her head on her arms, her eyes hurt, her body hurt.
The bang of the door had her bolting up right, hand on the hilt of her sword. She stared at the door, only to see blackness. Her heart accelerated as she stepped back, her vision was black, everything was black. Rough but gently hands landed on Amelia's shoulders. Gasping she withdrew from the touch, fear constricted her chest. Sounds assaulted her ears she couldn't understand what was being said, she couldn't see!
“Amelia calm down, calm down...dammit stop walking around, you're going to hi-” Jeff cringed as Amelia fell over a table. She grunted with pain as she tried to stand straight again, seeing an opportunity he tackled her. Her arm came swinging around, her elbow connecting with his temple.
“Touch me old man, and ye die!” she growled, pushing her glasses back in place. Her vision was still black, but she calmed herself. She felt for a chair and sat her back tense. She hated being touched, she hated when her body became weak. The blindness was a normal thing, it happened, she just hated when it did. Like an assassin it came from no where, it seemed to roll in pleasure forcing her to become weak and fragile.
“Blood!” She snapped, she heard him shuffle to his feet and hurry past her. The scent of blood overwhelmed her, a soft moan slipped from her lips as she readied herself for the delicious source that would caress her teeth, tongue, and throat. Smiling she held her hand out for the glass, Jeff quickly gave it then walked away. Before her lips touched the glass she heard the bolt slid into place on the door. Privacy was always a welcome, especially when she recharged her body and powers.
“Thank ye,” she whispered then took the first gulps of AB, O positive blood. Finished within seconds she stood quickly her body steaming with power. Slowly she slid her glasses off her face, she glanced at Jeff and heard him gasp. Blinking slowly, she smiled knowing her eyes where no longer blue but gold. Her vision was better than clear, every edge seemed outlined with perfect light. Grabbing her coat she slid her arms under the comforting material.
Byrne, his name whispered in her mind as she walked down the main road of Dragon City, towards the arena. The crappy builds greeted her with shadows and pain, all light seemed to disappear as she walked deeper into the city. Walking, what seemed to be miles but in the end only a hundred yards, she entered the old arena. His scent engulfed her, her pupils dilated with lust as she moved farther into the arena. Its old rotten walls boldly stood around her as she walked down stairs to the arena pit. She wrapped her delicate fingers around the cold steel as she gazed down.
A tall figure stood at the center of the arena, his leather trench coat loosely hung on his wide shoulders. She knew better though, she knew war harden muscle lay under his coat under his weak appearance. He turned towards her, his hair shadowed his face but she knew his gray eyes stared at her with little to no emotion.
“What do you want, Amelia?” His words echoed throughout the building and vibrated deep within her. She glanced at the at the surrounding walls then back towards him, as images from their past began to flashed before her eyes. She turned away and began to walk away Why must I always be weak. His tight hold forced her to stop and stare up at him. Dark shadows haunted his face as he glared down at her. How did he...?
“Why must I repeat myself with you all the time?” he sighed releasing his hold on her, “What is it, Amelia?” No words left her mouth as she continued to stare up at him, and a sad smile pulled at her lips. She slowly placed her hand on his chest.
How I've missed ye, he flinched slightly from the her touching words. He was cold as ice, she slowly slide her hand away from his chest. Pain swallowed her mind, she quickly stepped away and left without a word spoken. Tears threatened to break the dam she built so many years ago. The past stays in the past she screamed at herself, but the pain never does.
The cold wind whipped at her face as she ran down the street. Wishing so badly that she could just shift and fly away but she knew better than to break the rule of the city, the only rule. Pain stabbed at her side as she forced herself to run faster, and was rewarded from the pain as the doors to Dragon City came into view. Running through the threshold, immediately her body exploded to take the shape of a dragon. A metal shrieking roar erupted from her muzzle as she forced her body to run while she shifted. Pain lashed at her as she pumped her legs, a piercing headache formed behind her eyes as her lungs burned from air.
Crashing threw bushes and trees she halted as her eyes were assaulted by headlights. Her paws collided with asphalt and groaned with pain from the unusually texture. A snarl ripped from her muzzle as vehicles speed past. She knew what they were but tonight her emotions took control, fear probed her mind making her lash out. A blue Toyota went flying to collide with the center guard, others cars screeched to a halt as Amelia's forty foot long body over took the eight-lane highway.
She glared down at the many cars, but than became curious, almost childlike as she walked down the highway. Many flashes blinded her, as she cruised down the road, honks spooked her. Glass pierced her paw as her paw crushed a smart car. Grunting in pain she continued to walk, pain is good...pain is life...pain is normal. Pain came and went from her paw as she traveled through the city of New York its tall building meeting her shoulders, and it's humans staring in aw.
Stupid humans she thought as she walked down the narrow streets, her scales breaking windows of the building and her tail flinging cars out of its path. Amelia's eyes sparkled as a large lake came into view, jogging towards it, the ground shook. The water rippled with vibrations as she drew nearer to it, with a soft smile. Slowly she walked into its deep depths, loving the feel of the silky waters caressing her soar scales and scarred flesh. Surprised that her body was completely submerged she slide her head under the cool liquid, only her nostrils above the surface, and allowed darkness to capture her mind.

The author's comments:
I created this piece for my creative writing class, if you do happen to read this, will u comment and give me some suggestions on how to make it better. I'm not all that great at creating stories so lots of impute helps alot thanks, =]

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