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Even the shadows have eyes

November 13, 2010
By mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
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For the task has been put in and must be completed. There isn't much time to ready myself it's already dusk. I could tell from the air it was going to be a good night. The perfect weather. The shadows will fade in the moonlight. I?e packed what I carried. A few tools that can help in situations for whatever they might be. Lock picks, and daggers and things a few rice balls for a quick snack. A well fed solider is better then a dead one. Just as the sun sets I seek out my task. To Merchants manor is where it calls. I run there dashing through the woods. The trees fly by until I find myself upon a roof top. I crouch and crawl, the unfamiliar shadow and myself as one. I spot the first one. The one who wandered from the flock. Creeping and crouching. My steps are silent. I grab and pull him Into my blade. It slices silently and smooth like spreading butter. After it is down I wipe my blade and have it sheathed. I carry the body away from the path into a corner of the small town.

It's back to the rooftops I go. Dancing from rooftop to roof top. Pouching from the rooftops to the ground. Still not a sound made. The next quickly Approaches. The strike is quick and deadly. I muffled moan and back on the roofs I go before his body could hit the ground. I crawl and stalk. I Must not lose sight of my task. I'm here For the merchant. The merchant who betrayed his people. Stole and lied to his loyal customers. He must be punished. Someone spots me. Moves closer. I dash away before they get a good enough look. Under the building I hide until the Sighting is clear. Just when he expects it less is when I strike. He's as quickly and silently as the first two perhaps a little faster. There? a scream in the background a shriek crying for help. I Head towards where it came, From the rooftops I watched. 4 guards standing above one that was slain. They shout out orders. Perhaps let that be a sign for them. That will be their fate as well.

They search the area. They travel in twos. This may not seem to make things easier ,but it does. For they cover less ground with two people. The building was left unguarded. Easy to make my way in. I slide through the door, Striking the next to fall. He falls fast and I catch his wait. Hiding Him under the table. The deed is almost done I feel his evil lurking. It has a foul smell That always lingers in the air. Everything seems to be darker. Almost like the Evil energy corrupted the room and poisons it I roam the halls searching for my pray. The Lingering smell brings Me towards a shack separated from the rest. There is one lurking guard who stands at the door of the battered shack. As battered and beat up looking as it was I knew he was there I could feel it in the air. I jump to the building roof. Maybe 10 feet off the ground. A window is open. I peer into the hazy room and there he sits. I crawl through the small window space. Using the thick Smoke as cover. I grab him quietly My blade Slides through his skin. It's a much more vicious stroke. As my sword cuts through blood splats on the wall. He falls to his knees. The alerted guard enters the room, just in time for him to see me escape. Reaching into my pouch for a smoke bomb. As quickly as I entered the courtyard I threw it down, giving the room and even thicker smoke. Before the guard could blink I was out the door. I had completed my task and was one step closer. One step closer to a better nation. Both me, my family and my people.

The author's comments:
What it would be like from a ninjas point of view.

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