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The Black Star chapter 1

November 12, 2010
By MiiSs_AlySsA SILVER, Fall River, Massachusetts
MiiSs_AlySsA SILVER, Fall River, Massachusetts
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"HIYAAAA!" Sarai thrusted her Clinquedea through an old beaten up scarecrow. The blade entered smoothly through the torso. She twisted slightly and gracefully pulled out. Huffing and puffing, she thrusted the short sword through evry visible part of the straw filled dummy. She finished off her training session with a killing blow, thrusting the long dagger into the neck and sliding it horizontaly. The head landed with a plop on the ground.

"Sarai! Sarai, come quicky!" Sarai looked across the feild to see her sister, Duvessa, standing at their cottage, waving her hands above her head in an urgent manner. But it was her voice that cuaght Sarai's attetion.

Fear welled up inside Sarai as she ran toward Duvessa. No, please, don't let it be time.... Sarai thought desperately. Her feet couldn't move fast enough. When she finally reached her sister, she was too out of breathe to ask the question that was burning on her lips. However, Sarai answered the right question.

"It's mom," Duvessa answered, "She's worse. The doctor predicts that tommorow morning will finally be the day." The sisters stood next to each other quiet, neither one knowing what to say about this horrible piece of news.

Their mother had contracted a severe illness about six months ago, and ever since that day, life had been hell for the two young girls. There were long nights filled with tears while Sarai and Duvessa held their dying mother. Frustrating days of trying to feed a grown woman who was slowly losing her motor skills. Now it was coming to an end. They would be free to live their lives. All the months of pain and saddness were over. Strangely, the girls did not want it to end. They wanted their mother to stay whether she was suffering or not. They were selfish; they couldnt help it. They were not ready to be alone, without a parent to guide them. Alone with each other.

"Let's go see her.." Sarai broke the silence with her suggestion. Duvessa nodded silently. They were somber as they walked through the unnaturally quiet house. The floorboards creaked with every step and it was a little drafty. Back when... Well back when they were little, the house was always lit with warm light, there were the smells of cooking in the air, and.. Their father's laughter could always be heard throughout the house. After... after that day, their mother would be quiet but she was still a loving mother all the same. The house still felt warm, it was just a little empty. However, once their mom became sick, their adorable little cottage had become desolate.

As they entered the sick room, a rush of bitter herb smells hit them square in the face; they were used to it by now. Their once beautiful mother was now reduced to an emancipated, lump of clothing. Her blonde hair was limp and her blue eyes had lost their shine. She was a sad sight and if they didnt know ant better, the girls would've thought their mother to already be dead. They both had tears in their eyes when they joined her at her bedside, one on each side of the death bed.

"Hello Mother," Sarai said quietly, grasping her weak hand.

"Hi mom," Duvessa dropped a kiss on her mother's forhead. She didn't even acknowlede their presence. They sat with her for hours, talking and reminiscing but she stayed with the same slack expression on her face. As it grew darker outside, they ran out of things to talk about. It was hard keeping up with a one sided conversation. They each gave her a kiss on the cheek and turned to go. With their backs turned they heard a strange gurgling sound coming from their mother. Quickly they went back to her side and listened carefully as she began to whisper hoarsely.

"Girls... I'm sorry.. I don't want.. too go.. I love... you... I.. need too... tell you... something.. your... father..." and then she was quite. The girls pressed her for more but it was fuitile. They left holding each other. Later on that night, Mrs. Aleka Newton died peacefully in her sleep, dreaming of her deceased husband and two daughters...

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