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The Filmoore cronicles

November 26, 2010
By mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
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It was beautiful spring mourning. Of course it didn’t really matter what month it was. For in the peaceful village of Fayrun it was always spring. The flowers were always in bloom, the sky always so bright filled which clouds of all shapes. The streets were booming with trades and things of that sort. However this was no ordinary village. The village of Fayrun was one of the biggest eleven communities in the entire kingdom. Mostly populated by wood elves, this community Blossomed like no other.

In this town there lived one particular elf. His name was Filmoore. Adopted as a young child he never knew his true parents or where he had truly come from, but since he was an elf he was adopted into the community and raised by the head councilman. Now growing up as the “son” of the head council mans you may think he was all work and no play maybe even absolutely serious. Fillmore however was a free spirit. He liked to let his hair grow and venture into places where he had no business being. Always causing mischief he was always cleaning up afte3r the animals or doing other punishment chores. He hated it.

Their was very little fighting in the village of Fayrun. The few soldiers they had were the ones who hunted. Wood elves especially had no room for violence for they were very earthly creatures who loved the land and all that inhabited it. Now Filmoore being the free spirit he was loved animals, but had dreams of being a brave hero and champion of the entire kingdom. These are his chronicles. His triumphs his defeats and his tales.

The Ring and its Bearer.

It was a Beautiful Mooring in the city of Fayrun. All was busy and the streets were filled with commotion and business. Of course Filmoore was nowhere to be found on the streets. Only up upon the high tree on which he usually slept. There he was in the midday sleeping the day away and dreaming his usual dreams. Wheatear his dreams were fighting dragons, or defeating evil sorcerers, to saving princesses in high castles he dreamt it all. He awoke to someone calling his name.

“Let’s go sleepyhead its past noon and you’re still sleeping!’’

He awoke lazily from his sleep and looked down with his groggy sleepy eyes. It was Chester. Chester was Filmoore's best friend, but he however was not a wood elf. He was a faun. (In case you are not familiar fauns are creatures that are half goat half man.) Filmoore Hoped down from the tree to great him.

“Hello my good friend Chester” He said still half asleep.

“Good afternoon is more like it. Don’t you ever get bored of sleeping?”

Well no of course not. When I sleep I can dream of being a powerful commander or fighting dragons or anything I want to be I simply love it.”

“Best you get your head out of the clouds. Wood elves are not warriors they are peaceful creatures. Aren’t they supposed to not like fighting?”

“Well of course, but I’m not saying I love to fight I guess you could say it’s my thrill for adventure? And speaking of which what is it would you like to do today?”

Chester stopped for a second to think of what to do. “Why don’t we go into the meadow? Perhaps we can meet some others and don’t you have a test to be studying for?”

Filmoore was ecstatic by this idea “For what a brilliant idea!” He exclaimed running inside and fetching a book.

“Is that the book you study from?”

“No it’s better. You know how elves are said to have magical abilities? Well this is a book of spells to cast.”

Chester stayed silent for a second, but then whispered “I thought magic wasn’t allowed we could be ban from the village for that because of what happened last time magic was allowed. Nearly everyone almost died in that battle.”

Filmoore was already off to the meadow. For He was greatly excited to learn a few tricks from this book. He was curious about what he could do with his abilities and if maybe perhaps he could live his dreams after all, but you know what they say. It was curiosity that killed the cat.

There they were. Both the faun and the elf that stood in the field casting spells. Of course they weren’t very dangerous spells because of Filmoore's low magic level, but even the low level ones were cool. In the short time he practiced he was able to learn a spelled called eleven spark, which was you basic blast of energy hurled toward a target and the second was an enchantment spell that gave him the ability to generate a force-feed able of blocking other spells. Indeed it was a Joyce occasion for the young elf. So thrilled and confident in his abilities.

Little did the toy notice up above a hawk circling above. It had followed them all the way from the village which was at least a mile or 2 back. As Filmoore set the book down to rest he laid down in the grassy fields. He saw the bird swoop down right at them before he could even cast a spell at it the hawk swooped down and picked the book up from the ground and flew off into the woods. Before even a blink could occur Filmoore darted after the bird. Chester Started to as well, but elves were much more agile then fauns, then persuaded the bird all through the woods, ducking from incoming branches and swinging from vines, as fast as he could Filmoore ran. Just as the hawk was in finger reach away the bird Flew into a cave. Filmoore stopped outside and only a moment after Chester showed up panting and exhausted.

“Your not thinking of going in there is you? We were warned of these parts ever since we were children this is no place for us.” Filmoore shot him a look and without saying a word ventured in.

It was pitch black. So black and dark they couldn’t even see there hands in front of their faces. Filmoore casted his eleven spark which illuminated the room well enough for a few seconds so he could see a torch hanging on the wall. Again he cast his spell and picked it up continuing down that path. It wasn’t to long before the faun and the elf heard a man speaking. He extinguished the torch but held onto it. It could make a good club if necessary. They peak over a wall to see a man. He was dressed in a black cloak and had a cauldron burning in the center of the room. Around there room there laid tables with cluttered books and cabinets. It was not hard to assume he was a warlock. The falcon lay on its perch as the man skipped through Filmoore’s book. For eleven magic books were very rare and considered to be very powerful magic. If a warlock could obtain one he would be greatly feared with an arsenal of spells. Filmoore Crept around the room (elves make excellent thieves) hiding in the nearby shadows and staying out of sight. The man paced his room going from cabinet to cabinet looking for something. He left the book on the table and just when it was in arms reach and Filmoore went to grab it, the hawk let out a shriek and darted toward him. He cast his shield spell which he had just learned which sent the hawk flying backwards on impact.

The warlock turned quickly and shouted some spell in another language. Instantly a ball of darkness came hurling towards Filmoore. It broke through his shield and sent him flying into a fall which then shelves came crashing down on his head. He lay there for a moment as the warlock walked over, in his hand forming another ball of darkness. Quickly Filmoore threw his unlit torch knocking the man off balance. Filmoore darted to his side and grabbed the book along with a dagger on the table next to the book. Jabbing it into the warlocks side he let out a shriek that periered ones ears to hear. Filmoore fell to the ground the dagger in one hand and the book in another.

The warlock swatted at Filmoore on the ground knocking into a table. He lay barely conscious, but still holding onto both the dagger and the book. He picked himself up and stumbled around a bit only to fall back on the floor. Just as the warlock raised his hand he flew over the table and into a wall. Chester stood where he did now helping Filmoore to his feet. The warlocks ring glistened.

“Aim a spell at his ring” whispered Chester. And so Filmoore did.

“Eleven spark!” he screamed as a fireball shot from his hand. It hit the warlocks ring and it shattered to pieces.

“Please no more he begged.”

“Why have you stolen my book?’ Filmoore said proudly trying to act as tough and brave as he could.

“I did it for the spells. Eleven spells are indeed the most powerful and you did a well job of demonstrating it yourself. I can tell you are new to magic, but you were able to outsmart and old warlock like me. Please as Collateral for my trouble take my ring.” He held out his hand and a ring appeared. Filmoore took the ring and placed it on his hand.

“It is an enchanted ring. It is said to give your magic more powerful abilities.”

They talked for a good hour or so and Filmoore and Chester were off back to the village. For it was getting late and nobody could know what they were doing.

When they got out of the cave it was already nightfall, and by the time they got back to the village the streets was empty. As Filmoore climbed into his tree the mayor stood outside.

“Ahh yes Chester and Filmoore where have you two been all day?”
“Why out in the meadow of course just studying for the upcoming test.” Filmoore stated quickly.

“What is that book you have? Hand it over.” The mayor said fiercely. Filmoore paused a moment and hesitated then handed it over.

“Magic? You were casting magic? You are well aware how forbidden that is. You know the punishment as well.” He held the book.

“Go both of you. You are both banned from this village.” Without another word he left. Chester and Filmoore packed their things and set out with only what they could carry. It was beyond them as to what they would do next. Both fauns and elves were not liked very much in the mainland surely they could not find jobs. They walked to the meadow where they stopped for the night. It was there the warlock stepped out of the shadows.

“I was well aware this would happen so I made the preparations for it.” He stated with a smirk. Both Chester and Filmoore looked at each other then at him.

“For I am in great need of assistance. I lack an apprentice, and dark times are coming. Would you two like to work under me? For I must warn you the work will not be easy. Their will be many hardships and difficult task, but the rewards are worth it. For our kingdom is in a grave danger and I think you two maybe just the heroes we need. The heroes I foresaw in a vision.” With that both Filmoore and Chester stood up. And gathered their things. The warlock smirked and said “Let the training and your new lives being. We shall start at dawn.”

The author's comments:
More to come, but that's all for now. More adventures coming soon.

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Momito said...
on Dec. 3 2010 at 8:23 am
A really good read, I can picture little Filmoore and Chester action figures and even stuffed toys..

Samuel Adams said...
on Dec. 2 2010 at 7:19 pm
 You should watch the spelling, besides that It was very good. Hope to read your continuations of this.