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Ace: A Jack Bone Story

November 28, 2010
By Hobbit BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
Hobbit BRONZE, Beachwood, Ohio
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Chapter 1

The Death of 004

John Stark (004) sat down with his group, Spades. John Cardman (Ace) had forty-eight loyal henchmen each with their own number and suit. He was the supreme leader of an organization called the D.O.C. (Deck of Cards / Domination of Civilizations). Ace was a mean card player and organized his men by card like a deck of cards. For example, Stark was a two of spades. Ace was a former CIA agent gone mad by the horrible tragedy of his wife’s death
“Oh no.” thought 004. What could this meeting be about? Ace never calls a meeting on days other than Monday and Thursday unless something was wrong or someone was going to die. Recently 004 sent in a message to MI6 to replace him. He’s supposed to attempt an escape from the D.O.C HQ tonight. Ace had been keeping an eye on him lately. He thought Ace might be on to him. 004 had valuable information to get back to MI6. Information that could save the world from World War III. He had to get back to London. Billions of lives were at stake. Ace had to be stopped. Now it was time for the meeting to begin. Ace walked through the doors. Everyone stood up.

“Be seated,” said Ace. “I would like all of you to know that we have a traitor in our midst, and all of you who have been here long enough know how we deal with traitors. I pick a card out of my knife deck, and the card I pick will be the person that is dealt with. You remember four of clubs who was with the CIA right? Ok now I will pick the card from my deck.” Ace slowly took out the card and turned it around; 004’s heart skipped a beat. The card Ace picked was a two of spades. “Mr. Stark, I believe you know what happens next. I would highly recommend anyone standing around Mr. John Stark, agent 004 of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, to stand on the wall over there. I don’t think blood washes out easily. You’re probably wondering, Mr. Stark, how I found out you were a spy from MI6. As you know, I’ve been keeping an eye on you lately. This was no coincidence. You seemed suspicious, different from the rest. You were keen to learn about our plans. I then went through your phone and checked your email and saw the message you attempted to send and now here we are, but now I’m afraid it’s time for you to go.” 004 gulped. “Don’t worry Mr. Stark. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”
Ace picked up the two of spades. Stark closed his eyes. Cardman aimed the two of spades and threw it. In a split second the card pierced the heart of 004, and he crumpled to the ground, dead. “Okay everyone back to your seats. I now introduce to you our newest member, the new two of spades. Mr…”
“Bone, Jack Bone.”

Chapter 2
Assignment: John A. Cardman

London 7 days ago.

“Ms. Smith!” yelled Mr. Sawer.
“Yes, sir,” Ms. Smith replied
“Where’s 005?”
“On assignment in Moscow.”
“Contact him and bring him back he’s being reassigned.”
“Yes sir.”

“Well hello, Ms. Smith,” Bone said.
“No time to flirt with me today, Jack. Mr. Sawers wants to see you immediately.”
“Ok then, I’ll see you on my way back then.”
“Oh, Jack, just go see Mr. Sawer.”
“Fine, Ms. Smith, have it your way, but I’ll be back.”
“Go!” shouted Ms. Smith as Bone opened the door to Mr. Sawer’s office and left.
“Good morning, 005,” said Mr. Sawer.
“Good morning, sir.”
“What do you know of John A. Cardman 005?”
“Cardman, ah yes the man with the deck of cards. Born in Ohio, became a senator, had the idea to attack three countries and plunge the world into WWIII, was fired after he was caught rummaging through classified files. The CIA sent an assassin to kill him because he knew too much. His wife was killed while the assassin was attempting to kill him. Cardman escaped and then was never seen again. He was declared dead after ten years of search and investigation.”
“Correct, 005,” Mr. Sawer replied. “There’s a new organization called the D.O.C. We sent 004 in to see what was going on inside the organization.”
“ He found out something. Something big. Something that could jeopardize millions of lives on the planet. 004 fears he’s been found out, though. John Cardman runs the organization. There he is known as Ace. We want you on the job 005. Stop Cardman at all costs. The world is in your hands 005.”
“Yes, sir.” Bone began to walk out.
“Wait 005, four American, Russian, Chinese, and Iraqi planes have been hijacked. We think Cardman may have something to do with that, too. Try to get the planes back without damaging them.”
“Yes, sir,” Bone exited the room.
Mr. Sawer sighed. “I sure hope those four countries have plane insurance.”

Chapter 3
Mr. Lobenz

“Good morning, Mr. Lobenz.”
“Good morning, 005.”
“What do you have for me this time?” asked Bone.
“What I have for you is a four gigabyte jump drive,” replied Mr. Lobenz.
“Not exactly the kind of thing you’d use to get out of a trap or kill a criminal mastermind.”
“Oh pipe down, 005. Have I ever given you something you couldn’t use? This flash drive is special, obviously. Notice how it slides in and out. The tip of it is a knife, and it is also a laser and a gun. Push the gray button here, and the bullet will come out. Push the red button here for the laser, and along with all of these features it’s also a four gigabyte jump drive.”
“No kidding,” said Bone sarcastically.
“Good luck, 005.”

Chapter 4
Duce of Spades

New York, Today

“Bone, Jack Bone.” Bone looked over at the body of 004, dumbstruck. He had come to save 004. He had let 004, MI6, and himself down. He wouldn’t fail them again. Cardman will pay for what he did one way or another. “So Mr. Bone Five of Diamonds will show you around. I will see you at dinner.

“So since you’re a new recruit, you need to have a nickname, said Five of Diamonds. “Something that represents your number. For example I’m five of die. Maybe you could be-”
“Duce of Spades,” interrupted Bone.
“Okay that works. Now on with the tour.

Five of Die showed Bone all of the underground facility from the disgusting bathrooms to the beautiful meeting room, dorms and dining room. All together the place was nice. Besides, whether he liked it or not, he was stuck here for the next few months. Bone sat down, depressed, and ticked off at Cardman for killing 004. He would avenge 004. He hadn’t died in vane. He hadn’t. Bone wouldn’t allow it.

Chapter 5
Dinner with the D.O.C.

The dinner bell rang at 6:00 sharp and Bone ran downstairs for the food. At dinner, Ace discussed his scheme with the group, Bone listened quietly as plans were discussed. He couldn’t believe what Ace was planning. He scribbled most of it down in his notebook. There were still many gaps though.

Cardman was planning on attacking the United States, Russia, China and Iraq. He was going to start World War III by making it look like the countries had attacked each other. Bone wanted to know how he would make this happen. How would he attack the countries? How would he frame the four countries against each other?

Now Bone needed to know how he would get it to MI6. Ace had told him that the D.O.C was to have no contact with the outside world unless it concerned the attacks, or operation DX as they called it. Ace also said that this place had the airwaves monitored, and they could intercept anything someone tried to send. That must have been how 004 was caught. He had tried to email and call MI6 using his cell phone, and they must have intercepted them and canceled them. Obviously, 004 was able to talk to MI6 for a while because they knew he needed to be relieved.

Jack layed on his back and groaned, frustrated. He had gaps in his clues, and he had no way of telling MI6 what he already knew. He would be better off investigating how the planes were hijacked. Wait. The four airplanes were hijacked from America, Russia, China, and Iraq. I highly doubt that’s a coincidence but still I need proof. Bone walked out of his dorm and bumped into a pole.

Suddenly a keyboard appeared. Jack looked at the pole and noticed there was a bump on the pole. It wasn’t a perfect cylinder. That bump must be the button that made the keypad appear, but what was Cardman hiding?
Bone looked at the keypad and thought. What could the password be? He typed in thirty-nine the numbers that represent DX on a keypad. Then the ground below him turned into a ramp. Jack fell down the ramp. He noticed he was in a garage. A garage with sixteen airplanes and each set of four had the mark of their countries. Ace was the one who stole the planes. Ace was going to attack the countries using these planes so that it would look like one country did it to another. Bone turned around to leave the garage only to look down a gun barrel.
“What are you doing here?” asked the guard. “This is a restricted area. No one is allowed down here without a permit.”
“Oh I’m so sor-” Bone kicked him in his groin and the man collapsed. Bone took the gun and said “Who’s restricted now?”
“Look, I’m just doing my job. I don’t want any trouble.”
“Then tell me what all this is about.”
“I can’t. “They’ll kill me.”
“I will too if you don’t help me. I can protect you from them.”
“Not from Ace you can’t. He’ll kill me when he finds out we had this conversation.”
“Then you have nothing to lose other than your life. If you help me, I can protect you, and Ace can’t touch you. If you don’t help me, I kill you, and all of this was a waste.”
“Ok, but you have to protect me.”
“I will.”
“Okay, then let’s roll.”

Chapter 6
Someone and No One

The guard showed Bone everything and told him what he knew. It all made sense now. Ace was planning an attack on all four countries using the airplanes. He was going to drop bombs on the major cities in the “victim countries or “VC” as Ace called it. So he was going to drop bombs using the airplanes ,and cause World War III. What Bone was confused about was how would this benefit the D.O.C.?
“Guard!” yelled Bone.
“How will this benefit the D.O.C.?”
“Oh that’s easy. You see-” The guard stared at Bone blankly with his finger in the air.
“Hello,” said a confused Bone. “You know I can’t read your mind right?” The guard collapsed with a six of clubs in his back.
“Very sad really,” said a voice from nowhere. “I didn’t want to kill him, but traitors must be dealt with.”
“Who are you?” asked Bone.
“I am someone and no one. I am everything and nothing. I’m everywhere and nowhere.”
Ace walked into the garage accompanied by two guards holding machine guns. “I thought I had finally found a loyal member of the D.O.C., but I guess I was wrong.” Ace walked up and kneed Bone in his groin. The guards laughed. “You will accompany me in the head plane ,so we can watch the chaos happen. Then when we reach our destination… Well you’ll see how it plays out, but for now come with me.” Bone was dragged away, depressed about another broken promise.

Chapter 7
Let the Chaos Begin

Bone entered the head plane. It took off one day before DX began. Ace wanted to see the bombings in America as they happened, so they went to D.C. early. They would get a hotel room and then board the plane in the morning so they could have a nice sky view of the chaos. Bone had it no intention of letting this happen though.
It was May 10, 2010. DX would start at 1:00 p.m. sharp. They boarded the plane at, 12:30 and Bone still didn’t have a plan. Bone sat down completely tied up and thought. Then as they taxied, he noticed the plane that would bomb D.C. The flash drive! thought Bone. Then the plan hit Bone.
“Don’t even think about escaping, Bone,” said Ace. “The only way out is down. If you would like to go, be my guest.”
Bone laughed. He jumped out of his seat all of his ropes were cut. One of the guards went to get him. Bone tripped him and stabbed him with the flash drive. Ace got up. Bone kicked him in his jaw, and he passed out.
Bone entered the cock. The pilots grabbed their guns, but Bone was quicker and shot both of the pilots using the gun in his flash drive. Then he saw the walky-talky and took it.
“Hello Plane One to D.C. come in Plane One.”
“This is Plane One.”
“There’s been a change of plans. You will be flying to China instead. That’s an order.”
“Yes, sir”
Bone continued to change the routes of the airplanes so they would all intersect at the same point over the Atlantic Ocean. Bone didn’t know how yet but he would somehow make them crash. Bone then noticed a gun barrel on the back of his head.
“Move slowly, Mr. Bone,” Ace whispered. Bone moved slowly as told. “I am going to kill you, Bone, nice and painful,” Cardman kneed him. Bone collapsed. “This remote I hold controls all fifteen airplanes like toys. I was planning on crashing all the planes. The pilots didn’t know that part of their jobs were to die, so what I plan on doing is drop you out of the plane into the soon to be burning district of Washington D.C. I will never forget what the Americans did to me. They killed my beloved wife. Now I’m going to destroy this city.”
“Too bad for you because I already rerouted all the planes.”
“What a pity. It seems I’m gonna have to kill you the old fashioned way.” He holstered his gun and pulled out the deck of cards. Bone darted out the cock pit door, a two of spades just missing his head.
“You can’t win, Bone!” yelled Ace. “This plane is going to crash anyway. It’s not on autopilot. We both will die. I’d rather die successful than live a failure.”
“What about dying a failure. You never considered that.”
The plane then curved to the right and flipped. They weren’t in the city anymore, and they were beginning to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. Ace pulled out his whole deck of cards and threw them at Bone. Three of them hit Bone and he fell to the ceiling.
“You know there’s a phrase ‘Those who live by sword shall die by the sword.’” Bone said. He pulled one of the cards out of him. It was an ace of diamonds. The card Ace was most proud of because diamonds represent wealth and power.
“Why do you want to start WWIII anyway”? Bone asked.
“After the world was in chaos, I would emerge from the shadows. I would then become their hero by ending WWIII.I would use the D.O.C.’ s money to bribe the world leaders. Then I would rally my followers and develop an army. I would then wage war with the Americans. After I took over America, I would wage war with China, Russia, and the rest of the world. The D.O.C. would run the world, and I would be the world’s supreme leader.”
“So you’re going to destroy the world and then try to bring more crud out of the ashes.”
“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I have one more trick up my sleeve though before the plane crashes, and we both die.” He pulled a card out his sleeves and threw it at the door. Suddenly, everything in the airplane was being sucked out, and the plane was drastically losing altitude.
“Luckily, so do I!” yelled Bone. He pulled out the ace of diamonds and threw it at Cardman. The card pierced him in his heart. Ace looked at him with a blank expression. All the pride, confidence, and strength were sucked out of him. He let go of the safety bar he was holding onto and he was sucked out of the plane.
“Yes!” yelled Bone. Then when the plane hit the water ,and it brought him back to Earth. Bone let go of his safety bar and ran to the door of the plane. Gasoline was all over the place. Then he realized his shirt was on fire! He threw it off and slipped into the ocean and the dark waters took over him.
Jack Bone struggled for air as he tried to get back to the surface. He grabbed a piece of debris from the plane and held onto it. Then he saw Ace’s airplane control remote. He took it and saw on the radar of the remote that all the planes were about to intersect at their points. Bone crashed all of the planes into each other, and operation DX was an official failure. He looked around, and saw a flare gun he paddled towards it and got the gun. He shot it in the air and waited.
After so long he decided to paddle a distance away and then pull out the flash drive again. He shot the laser at the airplane, and then the fireworks began. A figure came flying out of the explosion and tackled him.
“I won’t let you live while I die.” Ace pulled his gun out of the holster. Bone kicked him away and got the flare gun. They both turned and fired.
Cardman was blown to bits by the flare gun, and Jack Bone was grazed and knocked out by the bullet Cardman shot. Bone was found floating on a piece of debris and hour later. He woke up two hours after he was found, a national hero. Bone was enjoying a day at the beach when he received a call from Mr. Sawers.
“Hello ,Mr. Sawers,” said Bone on the phone.
“Hello, Bone,” replied Mr. Sawers. “We have another mission for you.”
“I’m on it right away, sir. I’ll be there in an hour.” Bone looked around the beach and saw a girl in a bikini. “Better make that two.”
“No, Bone we need you immi-”Bone dropped the phone in the sand and ran to the girl.
“Why, hello.”
“Who are you?” asked Bikini Girl.
“My name is Bone, Jack Bone.”

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