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Mary and Bill Court

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

This is Mary and Bill Court, one day they decided that they were going bike riding from their home town of Hollywood, California to Baltimore, Maryland. Mary was diagnosed with brain cancer last year and has been through a tough battle ever since. One of her dreams was to ride her bike with her husband across the United States. Mary’s cancer was not going away and only getting worse, so they decided to go for the ride to get to Baltimore before she dies. So off they went fighting through her weaknesses and together they could do whatever they wanted.
On October 14, 2006, they started their grueling trip through Nevada’s Great Basin, once through Nevada they got to Utah where they took a pit stop and stayed the night. The next morning they went and biked through Utah and took another pit stop then the next morning they would have to face the Rocky Mountains. The next morning Mary stopped and bought a camera to take pictures of their trip along the way. She took pictures all the way through the Mountains as well as when they passed through Colorado’s infamous springs and then stopped and stayed the night once again. The next morning they soared through the Great Plains in Kansas and just missed a few tornadoes, they weren’t tired so they decided to go through the night and stop when they get to Missouri. When they got to Missouri they both decided that they wanted to stay a whole day and take Mary to the hospital to make sure that she was okay to endure the rest of the trip. With all well the next day they went through Illinois and ended their day in Kentucky. Once again they got up and rode through West Virginia, when Mary started not to feel good. They rode to the nearest hospital to only find that the cancer was spreading rapidly and that if she were to endure in the trip for another day she would be putting herself at major risks.

Being that Mary is so close to her one wish in life she had to finish it out, so she persevered through and they got back on their bikes and started riding. Once through the West Virginia border the couple started to get excited and didn’t know what to think. So they kept going with every last ounce of energy that they had in them and made it. Finally, they got off their bikes to get a picture of them sitting in front of the “Welcome to Baltimore” sign. They were ecstatic, no words could describe they way that they were feeling at that moment in time. They walked up this hill to look out over the harbor and the skyline where the two loving people were filled with joy. They sat there to take it all in, the beautiful sunset hitting the tops of the skyscrapers, it was breath taking. She took a deep breath only to taste the water’s mist coming off the harbor. She heard the boats revving their engines, and felt unstoppable. Mary told Bill that no matter what happened to her, for her to share this moment with him was the best experience of her life and she could never forget it.

They stayed in Inner Harbor Hotel for the next three weeks after that until they had to go home to Hollywood for Mary and her chemo-treatment. The next day, they hopped onto the plane and pondered the memories they had made together on their trip and sat together holding hands for the next five hour trip home. When Bill pulled into the driveway he looked over at Mary who was sound asleep. He knew she was tired and becoming very ill so he unloaded their bikes from the roof and then carried her inside to the bed where they laid together for the night. The next morning Bill woke up and went out to get the mail from the mailbox, grab some coffee then went to wake up Mary for her doctor’s appointment. He walked into the room and went over and shook her gently, when he noticed she wasn’t breathing, he panicked and reached over and called 9-1-1. Then he began giving her mouth to mouth. Within minutes Mary Court was pronounced dead from her tumor cutting off the oxygen to her brain. Her time of death was 10:43 AM on November 10, 2006. Bill was terrified about his loss, after all she was his best friend, and soul mate. At her burial he stood at the podium and showed them both at the Baltimore sign and it brought a major flash back. One thing he said was he was happy Mary got to fulfill her dream.

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