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Violet Eyes

December 31, 2010
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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Chapter 1: found
As I walked, my black lace-up boots clanked on the sidewalk, I could feel them watching me, analyzing my every step, every little detail of my being. I started to walk faster, slipping through alleys and hoping to God that they couldn’t find me. But who was I kidding, even though it was practically 1 in the morning, the New York world was wide awake. Street lights, and glowing bar signs giving light to my escape. I knew now wouldn’t be the best time to turn around and face them, so I just kept up my pace, trying to throw them off at every turn. I walked across fifth avenue, and making a left, onto a row of apartment buildings. I stuck close to the brick walls, hoping that I would just melt into the scenery. I took a deep breath, and pushed through the apartment’s front door. And ran up the stairs to the top floor, which was the sixth if you were wondering. I walked down the hall, flinching when the big metal door to the stairs shut behind me. I lowered the hood of my sweatshirt as I approached the last apartment’s door. By this time my breathing was ragged, and I wasn’t going to put up with any of Drew’s crap. I slammed the flat side of my fist against the door, and after a moment, I began to lose my temper. I knocked hard on the door a second time. I was about to just assume she wasn’t home, and then I heard something.
“Who is it?” said Drew, her voice sounding sleepy, and irritated. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that she obviously knew who it was; she just liked to be an annoyance.
“Char, now let me in” I said leaning against the wall waiting for her to open the door. I heard a series of locks being undone, and then the door opened. I stepped inside, and as soon as I did, Drew slammed the door and began to relock it. When she was done, she looked at me, her expression stormy. Then she turned to the kitchen and began to make some coffee. She did it hurriedly and with force, but as she finished she let out a low sigh.
“Did anyone see you come back?” she asked, as her eyebrows knit together in worry.
“No, I lost them on third avenue. Come on Drew, I know how to do my job” I said laughing and taking a seat on the counter. She looked at me harshly, her dark blue eyes taking on a shade of grey. Her brown wavy hair swirled down her shoulders, and formed around her heart shaped face. She pushed her bangs off her eyes and leaned against the counter.
“Well sorry for asking, and also thanks for waking me up” she said frowning. But even though her lips turned down, you could see it was all sarcasm in her eyes.
“Whatever” I said rolling my eyes, and walking to the balcony. I pushed my blonde hair up into a cheerleader worthy ponytail, and threw my jacket on the coat hanger. As I slid the glass door to the side, I felt a gush of cool morning air hit me. I closed the door behind me, and stood against the railing. I watched the street, and the buildings, I almost expected to see them searching for me. They knew I was here, and that I wasn’t well protected. The thing was though; I didn’t want to tell Drew, she had always been a worrier. And she had the worst temper that you could imagine, so it was better to just keep cool for a day or two more.
I guess I must have been sitting there for five minutes when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see a figure standing over me, in the dark. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was at a loss for words. They had finally found me, and had sent one of their agents to. The figure smiled and bowed like I was some kind of queen.
“Char, I’m guessing you know why I’m here. But in case you don’t, I’ll go over it again. Organization 13 has noticed abilities in you and your friend Drew. Things that can not quite be explained, powers as some call them. Now Char, all we want is to just see if we can’t persuade you into helping us with something. ” he said all of this in a low voice, very, very creepy.
“What would Organization 13 want with two seventeen-year –old girls?” I said, crossing my arms and looking at the figure angrily.
“You’ll find out soon enough” said the figure smiling evilly, and in no more than a second, the figure had taken hold of me and pushed me back into the apartment. Drew tried to say something as well, but she was almost frozen. The figure stopped abruptly, and smiled at Drew, as if he was the nicest guy in the world. And at that moment, I snapped away from his grip, and ran to the door. I fumbled to undo all the locks, but he got to me just as I opened the door. We fought each other into the hallway; I managed to rip the figures hood off. It was a man, with dark black hair, and Violet eyes, he would have been cute except for the fact that he had strange burned scars across the left side of his face. He growled in anger and slapped me across the face, sending me backwards. Drew had managed to slip past him, and was watching helplessly. I didn’t blame her though; Drew had never known how to fight, but she knew how to be angry. With another punch, I knocked the man to the ground, and ran for the stairs. I grabbed Drew, and we practically flew down the six flights of stairs. We raced through the lobby, and out the front door onto the shady New York streets.
We had been running for twenty minutes at least, when we thought that it would be okay to stop. We worked our way into an alley and sat up against the wall. Drew had started to tear up, but she quickly regained that hard look on her face.
The last thing I really remember was talking to Drew. I don’t really remember what I said, but we started to laugh. But then Drew stopped, and her eyes glazed over, her hair falling into her face. She lifted her hand, and pulled something out of her arm; it was like some kind of dart. Then I felt a sudden tinge of pain in my neck, and I pulled a similar dark out. Everything went a little hazy, and I could barely move. I felt so helpless, and as I turned to look at Drew, I noticed something; her eyes had turned a very distinct shade of violet. Then the figure stepped into my view, and laughed, then everything went dark.

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