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Sammi, Chapter 1: Lichens, blood, and other drugs

January 13, 2011
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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The street was dark. The cool October air numbed my fingers, even though I was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt over my magenta hair, my ears suddenly becoming warmer. I heard footsteps and instinctively sank against the dark ally wall. A tall man turned down the ally, his stride long and anxious.

“Sammi” He whispered into the dark, His words creating smoke on the air.
“Over here” I whispered back, waving my arm to show my presence. As he came closer I fished in my hoodie pocket for what he came for. He got closer, till we were face to face. He slipped something into my hand, and I gave him something in return. As he vanished through the dark abyss, I looked at what he had handed me. It was a cold roll of dollar bills, $200 to be exact. The question your probly thinking is what did I give him, and I’m not saying this lightly. I gave him 17mg. of pure marijuana. No I’m not some crazy druggie; no I’m not a random dealer on the streets of L.A. My name is Sammi Gilmore, a seventeen year old orphan drug dealer, on the streets of New York. When I was 14, my parents died in a car crash, and I had no close family, so I ran. That clears up the whole orphan part I hope. Second, I’m a drug dealer because, well the pay is good.

I put the cash into my pocket, and fixed my hoddie to cover it. I walked past 45th street onto 6th avenue. My phone buzzed in my pocket, making me jump. I read the screen; it read off in blue letters the words new text. I instinctively clicked the ok button. I read the name; it was from Hayley, my bestist buddy. How bout a visit from my favorite druggy, were the words of the magical text. I shuffled my fingers over the keys, till my reply was sent, I said k. I franticly j walked across the car infested roads.
Hayley lived in one of the nicer apartments in town (also easy to break into). I came up through an ally to the side of the building, seeing a few late night smokers. There was a large fire escape ladder, unfortunately it was up. I ran full speed and jumped, barely catching the bottom handle on the ladder. It slid down angrily, the metal catching against metal. As I climbed I passed the first floor of the apartment complex. I went through a window into the main hallway, and hit the up key on the elevator. As the sleek elevators doors opened, I slid in and hit number 6. When on floor 6, I went and knocked on Hayley’s door, and she answered before the third knock. She held her finger to her lips as to make sure I would be quiet; I guessed her mom was asleep by now. She led me to her room, where I could here Taylor Swift playing softly. She closed the door behind us, and turned the lamp light on to a brighter setting. She sat on her pink and white bed. The white matched the very soft shade of the walls. I sat in her desk chair that was tilted sideways from the desk. She asked me about the latest business in my profession as I would call it. Things actually haven’t changed. We laughed and giggled over the latest teen vogue Italia, and seventeen magazines. But here is the crazy part, she freaking bit me!... it all started when I said “you know I have never really liked the twilight movies” I pointed to a big picture of Robert Patterson.

“How come” she said, like I had just punched her in the gut.

“I don’t know, I just don’t think the whole vampire werewolf thing is believable” I said trying to be sensitive, her attitude becoming restrained and angry looking. She looked down to the carpet, and giggled into the palm of her hands. She then silenced, and looked up at me through her eyelashes. Her eyes had turned a sickly shade of red. Like fresh blood just fell onto the years first snow.

“Hay, you ok” I said getting up off the chair and backing up a bit, hoping this was some kind of joke.

“How about Lichens, are they believable?” Her hands where clinched into fists, like she could punch a tornado or something. I had herd of lichens before, the half werewolf half vampire things.

“Why what about them” I asked my voice trembling.

“Well if you really new, you would know about the eyes. Lichens have red eyes. Beautiful features. And they usually bite” she said these words and it hit me like a freaking brick wall. Hay, my best friend for like ever, was like some kind of weirdo beast.

“Well crap Hay, how do I never know these things” I tried to laugh to try to break the joke I knew wasn’t there. She smiled a beautiful, glamorous slime. Then, she took my hand in hers, holding it so gently, it was like it was resting on air.

“This might hurt, but only a little” her pure white teeth pierced the pale skin on my wrists. It drew blood, and her teeth went from snow white to red in an instant. This poisonous pain sank through my body, making my chest hurt. Then the earth stopped, and I couldn’t feel my own heart beating anymore, but I was still alive. Then, my mind went blank, and my vision blurry, and I blacked out.

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