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Devil's Trade: Historic Present Friends - Chapter I

March 1, 2011
By M.Kimmi BRONZE, New York, New York
M.Kimmi BRONZE, New York, New York
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I found myself cramped in the wardrobe's darkness. Why was it so cramped? It's supposed to be empty.... unless my sisters decided to stuff it with clothes. I felt ruffles and something like laces scratch my skin. Damn it! My face isn't very tolerable when it comes to putting things on it.

Without a warning, I unleashed a tantrum. I have to control these temper tantrums especially when they're over little things. Besides I don't want to destroy the piece of antique I bought with my own two dollars and ten cents!

Yes, I am very stingy, thanks to my dad. Just thinking about it makes me mad. ARRGGHHH!!!!!!! Control, I must control.

Suddenly, light hit my face and I was blinded. Oh my God! Now you release me! It's gonna be hell for you this week, my lovely sisters!! When my eyes were adjusted to the new light, I could've fainted, except fainting isn't one of my best things. I gotta practice some more to faint at the right time automatically.

“Carolina!!” I threw my arms around her. It's so nice to see her, 'cause seeing people I know makes me happy. Wait. Why is Caroline in my house? I glared at her, she did nothing. No Hi, Lorraine, or I came here 'cause you had a party remember? Nothing, except staring at me like I'm the one who intruded her house, I'm supposed to be the one that's supposed to say something.

Instead she screeched and screamed. “OH! Mistress there's an invasion in your wardrobe!!” I didn't do anything! This is my wardrobe which I bought for two dollars and ten cents. I heard dainty footsteps coming toward this direction. Who would I see next? My baby cousin? Only she can make such delicate sounds.

She appeared, the mistress or whatever, and she wasn't my baby cousin. I felt like swooning, was it for real or did I actually master the fainting spell?

“Huili!!!??? What are you doing here? What are you wearing?” I looked up and down and up and down on her dress and hair. It looked like a gown from Cinderella, only prettier and for real, and I don't mean like a factory made copy.

“Whoa! Let me touch it!” I felt real silk, and real golden threads and pearls and all the luxurious that modern times don't have much now. I can't describe it but it's just so pretty!! She looked so skinny because of the big humungous girdle that made her bottom half look like they've never moved before. But the silk cloth on her arms had a good effect too. On the top half, it was wrapped in burgundy silk embroidered with golden thread and then it slowly opened on the bottom half by a bunch of laces sewn together. Huili's hair was let loose and looked like as it was before it was cut. Long and silky, down to the middle of her back. There weren't the dark brown highlights either! But of course, there couldn't be highlights at the time period. I saw her hair on the top being covered with a black, diamond studded net. How much did that along cost?

“Get your hands off of her!” Carolina swiped my hands away from Huili's dress. She looked like she was going to scratch out my eyes, so I backed away, arms up in surrender.

“Carolina! You forgot me?” She continued glaring.

Carolina glanced at Huili and hesitated, “We don't know you at all,” with the same violent temper. “I'll go get the guards mistress.” Huili responded none. What did I expect? She didn't know me and obviously, she wouldn't talk 'cause she's the quiet type. But when she did, it proved that she's a very observant person. I had a feeling her brain power could be overwhelming.

Two gaurds came in, two people that I didn't know at all. They wore shielded plates over their chests, legs, arms and torso. Underneath there were cotton clothes and held gigantic swords. The gaurds came towards me. I turned and banged the back of the wardrobe, hoping it would open and spill me back into the other world. It was rock hard.

The gaurds looks mean, like meaner than my dad. They grabbed me roughly, hundred times worse than my dad would've done, and pulled, no, more exactly dragged me across the floor and out the door.

And this time I did faint, and I do remember whimpering out a little “Help”, before I was knocked out

The author's comments:
Just like my prologue inspiration

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