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The Little Girl Who Learned Her Lesson

January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, a girl was playing in her backyard and she was having so much fun. Her name was Grem and she was very loud and annoying. Her parents grew so tired of her that they always had to shout to make her listen to them. While Grem was digging in the backyard, she saw a white hand sticking out. She screamed, but her parents ignored her because she was always screaming for no reason. When she dug more of it out, she discovered that it was a doll.
She was so relieved and surprised that she started to wash her muddy doll in the bathroom, leaving mud stains on the wall. Then she dried the doll with her mother’s towel without caring if she got it dirty. Grem took the doll to her room and started playing with it all day. She then got tired of it and threw it in her closet.

At night, when she was dreaming of flying horses, she heard a noise in her closet. She didn’t care at first, because she was always hearing things at night. She heard an evil laugh come from the closet and she grew terrified. She covered her face with her blankets and huddled there, waiting quietly.
She heard the creak of the closet door opening but she couldn’t scream. Then she heard footsteps walk across the room toward her, and another evil laugh. The blankets were pulled off her face and she saw a small head with evil eyes staring at her.
“What’s your name?” said the doll.
“None of your business,” replied Grem.
“You had better start behaving or I will haunt you every night!”

Then the doll walked back into the closet and sat there, closing her eyes. Grem got up and went to the doll to see if it was still alive, but it went back to its normal lifeless expression.
The next morning, when Grem was eating her cereal, she told her mom all that happened. Her mom didn’t believe and was very angry at her, “Why did you put mud all over my towel, you naughty girl? And you even made a big mess in the bathroom, so you are to be grounded in your room all day today!”
Grem was very mad and shouted back, “I didn’t do it on purpose! I just wanted to play with my doll very much and didn’t know what else to do!”
“Young lady, you are grounded for three days now, and if you don’t straighten up soon I will make it longer!”
Grem stomped off to her room and slammed the door. She took the doll out of the closet and threw it out the window. When she went back to close the closet door, she saw the doll sitting there again. Grem was so angry that she slammed the doll to the ground, but the doll didn’t break.
Once again at night, she heard the laugh in the closet, but she pretended to not hear it. When the doll came out, Grem was pretending to snore. The doll poked her in the head and Grem screamed. The doll never touched her.
“You have been shouting at your mother today, I see,” said the doll. “You will need to learn a lesson you will never forget.”
The doll grabbed the Grem’s hand, and Grem’s eyes immediately closed and she was asleep. She had a dream that she had a kid of her own who was a terrible child, and never listened to her. Grem felt a headache coming on as she was losing her voice and patience shouting at the kid to listen. But of course, the naughty child didn’t.
When Grem woke up, she was feeling horrible. She knew that she always made her mom feel that way, but never knew how it felt like. When morning arrived and her parents were eating breakfast, she ran to her mom and hugged her.
“I’m so sorry for what I did my whole life Mommy,” she sobbed.
“It’s okay sweetheart. I forgive you Grem.”
From then on, Grem was the nicest little girl who grew up in that village.

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