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The Beast Within

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Run! Run! This is basically my life in a nutshell: move in, transform, kill and realize what sadness I’ve caused, pack up, and move out. I have a terrible life and there’s no way out of it because I am a werewolf. My name is Luna Canis Stubbs and this is my story of when I moved into Lily Valley, Texas.

I just managed to get out of Rattlesnake Canyon, Texas (about an eight hour’s drive from Lily Valley) alive; however, it was a close call when professional hunters were tracking me down in my wolf form. I was twenty at the time when I moved to Lily Valley; however, everybody welcomed me as if I was a familiar neighbor. I was really happy until Centaurus’ Night, the night that is celebrated by werewolves and other were-beasts everywhere, which was when I heard my previous boyfriend knock on my front door. Knock! Knock! “Luna, it’s me, Joshua, are you in there? I have a ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ gift for you!”

“Josh, you can’t come in until tomorrow because I am sick,” I lied. He came in anyway, the stupid man. “Luna, are you alright? What is happening to you?” I replied, “You must tell none of the neighbors about me being a werewolf.” I buckled over in pain and fell to the floor. “Go! Get out of here and don’t question me, just get out of here before I am through!” Joshua left in a flash, which was a good idea on his behalf.

I screamed, my screams turned into howls, and when the transformation was through, I sat up and whimpered. ‘Luckily my pants and shirt are still on,’ I thought to myself. I have a private wood behind my house, which is a very good convenience for me. I howled with joy that I could run free and be with my kind.

I ran into the wood and hunted to my heart’s content, that is until I ran into another creature of my kind but of a different pack. “Who dares to trespass on my territory?” I growled, “It is I, Luna Wolfpaw.” “Luna? Are you sure you’re Loner Luna? She was younger when she left her pack at Rattlesnake Canyon.”

“Who are you?” “Why, I am Remus Blackstar, a warrior to the Blackstar Pack, and you are trespassing on our lands.” He stepped out of the shadows and I lunged for him. He moved to the right and smirked. “You are feisty, but need training.” I lunged again and made contact.

Thud! He fell to the ground and I stood over him. “Give up, old man!” I snarled. “For a female, I would; however, if you were a male, I wouldn’t give up,” he replied politely. I sniffed the air and said, “Do you smell something, Remus?” I got off of him to let him stand up. “Yes, it is a human! It must die after seeing us, for that is the Way of the Goddess!” He ran off to the left and started howling.

“Remus, wait!” I ran as fast as I could and finally caught up with him. I tackled him hard and I could hear the air coming out of his lungs. “Luna, is that you?” I bit Remus’s arm and blood flaked my silver- colored fur. I recognized Joshua’s voice so I replied, “I’m saving your hide, now run!” As soon as Josh ran through the bushes, Remus pushed me off of him. “You have a lot of nerve doing that; however, that is one of the many details of an Alpha Female has to have. I like it.” If wolves could blush, I would blush.

A howl broke the awkward silence, which signaled that the famous night was over. We shifted back and Remus said to me, “Would you like for me to walk you back to your house? No one can see you. By the way, how do you keep your pants on during the shift?” I looked at his legs and he was wearing black boxers, the same color as his fur. “It would be wonderful if you would show me the way. I made a special type of blue jeans that can expand to my wolf form and shrink back when I am human. Would you like a pair?” “Sure.”

I gave him my phone number and offered him to stay for the night, but Guest Rules (boys in one room and girls in another) would be enforced. He said yes and I led him to my living room so he could sleep on the couch. That morning, I heard two people quietly arguing. “Who do you think you are, Remus Cameron?” “I am someone that could tear the hide off of you in a matter of seconds!”

“Josh, why are you arguing with Remus?” “This man says he is tougher than me, but he is just a wanderer looking for a fight.” “You want to take this outside?” challenged Remus. “Sure, but ladies first.” “You’ll pay for that, human! Luna, this is no place for a female. Go into the wood and get the Pack Elders, for this human needs to be put back in his place.”

Remus changed into his fierce form and lunged at Joshua. I jumped in front of him in my wolf form to sacrifice myself for Joshua. I was sent to the hospital- in my human form, of course- and I am getting weaker by the day. Remus was sent to jail and Joshua is writing this story, seeing that I am going to die. Thank you Joshua and all of the readers that are my witnesses. You will be of help one day.

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