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First Adventure

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

The clock had just struck midnight, and the city, San Diego, had fallen asleep. All was quiet throughout the streets, with the occasional car or taxi zooming down an abandoned avenue. The serene sky seemed cloudless, with no motion; just gleaming stars. It seemed happy and peaceful, not one disturbance in the night. However, on the corner of 8th Avenue and West Broadway lay a jewel store with the most elegant gems on the west coast. Outside, a van had just pulled up, filled with one of the greatest villains the world had ever known and his cronies. They began to encircle the store and plant a bomb. Like the sound of a hunter’s gun in a still forest, the explosion pierced the night sky.

The sound of sirens awakened me from my rest. I frantically got up and peered out the window, scoping out the squad cars that were racing downtown. After transforming into Captain Charisma and suiting up, I approached the mirror to make sure I looked good for my first big adventure and for the morning paper. I broke through the front door of my mansion and darted towards the flashing lights. The cars led me downtown to “Dainty Diamonds and other Fine Jewels” where a robbery was taking place. Police officers were lined up outside of the building, guns pointing directly to the front wall which had been blown to dust. I entered the building without a thought of fear and heard a menacing chuckle ahead of me. At once I knew that the notorious Cataclysm was behind this scheme. He was dangerous, careless, and eviler than Satan. A rare Indian sapphire had just been put on display, and only a man such as Cataclysm could obtain it. In the far distance, I could make out his enormous figure heading towards the bank’s vault. I began to pursue the evildoer, when two of his cronies started firing a flurry of bullets towards me. I quickly ran towards one and knocked him to the ground with a single blow. While still dodging the others bullets, I picked up the thug that had just attacked me and launched him at his partner.

Determined to stop Cataclysm before he injured anyone, I ran at great speed, looking to dispose of him as easily as I had done away with his goons. Without warning, he teleported right behind me and struck me in the head. I awoke several minutes later to find see him and his men leaving the bank. The taste of blood leaked into my jaw and my head felt heavy. My legs were jelly as I clambered to get up. His blow felt harder than the knockout punch Mayweather threw at Hatton back in December of 2007. The smell of gasoline stung my nostrils, and I realized that he was setting the bank on fire. Flames began to dance wildly around me, creating a hellish scene. It seemed as though the days of Captain Charisma were coming to and end, just as they started. Knowing that tonight’s fight might have a great effect on the city, a feeling of courage surged into my mind. I acted quickly, rushing towards a wall and, lowering my shoulder, ramming it down. The embers sizzled through my arm, creating a repulsive scar upon my skin. Shock and rage filled my mind. My perfect body was now blemished, causing me to become more determined to stop them. The robbers were hastily loading their treasures into their van. Before they could pull away, I grabbed the back and flung the vehicle onto its side. All men were knocked out, unable to flee; all except Cataclysm. Using his mind power, he lifted up the van and launched it right at me. I barely ducked out of the way, a second later and my head would’ve been detached from my body. Knowing of Cataclysm’s blindness, I crept up behind him as quietly as I could. With all my might, I struck him in the back of the head. He fell to the ground with a thud.
It seemed as though the day would be mine, when instantly the cops who had surrounded the building were crushed by their squad cars which had just been elevated upon them. Cataclysm teleported away, abandoning the men who had stood by him. As more cops approached the scene, I gathered up the outlaws and jewels they had stolen. Tonight, I had lost the battle against my new nemesis Cataclysm, but I had still saved the day. Most importantly, my majestic face was featured on the fallowing day’s paper.

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