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Traveling between worlds

April 26, 2013
By Louisiana GOLD, Waterloo, Iowa
Louisiana GOLD, Waterloo, Iowa
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I looked up, wiping the sweat from my brow.
My clothes stuck to my body just as my long dark hair curled around my neck.

I could hear the crowds roaring around me. Their shouts, screams, and cheers beat into my ears as I took up my sword. Across from me was a blood covered man who had challenged me to a duel.

he chllenged me knowing that if he won he would gain all my powers. I was not about to let that happen. I gave him a look of disgust and he charged.

I spun to the side and turned to see his back to me. I saw my chance and I took it. A sickening crack sounded around me and the crowd's noise died.

I knelt down beside the broken man, "You se? I even know a few tricks, but I really am sorry."

Kyle came out of the crowd and made a movement with his hands, telling me to stay where I was. I didn't want to though; I was nasty and needed a shower.

The crowd filtered out of the arena and I was left alone. Suddenly I felt a chill run down my spine and the wind began to pick up.

Lights began to flash around me. I couldn't see anything; it was blinding. My eyes started to throb and my hair whipped around my face.

I heard Kyle calling my name and felt him grab my arm. Dirt began to swril around my feet. Then it was like my feet were not touching the ground anymore.

Then the wind died and I dropped along with Kyle onto the wet ground. I shut my eyes tighter expecting more water to rush around me, but it never did.

I opened my eyes and looked around me. We were no longer in the arena. We were in a wet marsh land.

I heard whispers and whipped around to look behind me. I could sense that someone was there, and by the look of the shadows they were human, I think.

I felt wind rush pass by my face as an arrow shot through the air. Whoever these people were they were not friendly. "Stop!" I shouted, but the arrows keep coming.

I frantically look around for Kyle until I saw him. I ran and grabbed his arm shouting, "Come on!"

We started sprinting through the marsh land; looking for the way we got there. It was getting dark out and I didn't want to stick around.

Thats when I saw it. A tiny lighting blue light coming from the murky water. I knew what to do, but it seemed ridiculous

Looking over at Kyle I said, "We need to dive in there" He looked at me like I was nuts, and I probably was.

"Please! Kyle!" I looked at him with pleading eyes. He closed his eyes and nodded. Here we go, I thought.

When we got withing feet of the light, I closed my eyes and dived. I saw lights through my closed eye lids.

I felt the air leave my chest. Everything got really tight around me. I didn't know how long I could do this.

Then the air rushed back into my desperate body. The lights stopped flashing, and the feeling of tightness left me.

I opened my eyes and sunlight filtered into them. I squinted; the lights hurt. Turning my head I looked over at Kyle.

He was lying beside me gasping for air. Then I realized that I was doing the same. Coughing up muddy marsh water.

Tears stung my eyes and water spewed out from my mouth. After I recovered I looked up and around me. We were back in the arena.

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I wrote it in english so

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on Apr. 30 2013 at 9:02 pm
Swimmerguy SILVER, N/A, Iowa
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grammar here and there, really good though!