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Y can't I?

July 19, 2013
By JYazzmen GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
JYazzmen GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
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"Don't worry about me, I may look this way but I'm ok"
"Lysa I know you and I know that's nothing but a bunch of bull, you are not ok and I need you to tell me what's going on."
I couldn't do anything but stare at Kevin, his eyes were so intense that he seemed to be pulling the truth out of me with his eyes. I lowered my head and kicked at a rock not wanting to meet those sea-green eyes.
"Ok, I might be a little upset about how he treated me but that doesn't mean that I should be balling my eyes out over it." I said trying for nonchalance.
"Lysa, the way he hurt you is unforgivable he will pay if its the last thing I do and like I said I know you, you are not ok you want to crawl into a corner and hide and cry and yell and die all at the same time. All I'm saying is that you've got to open up to me I'll be here anytime."
I couldn't say anything normally Kevin was all laughs and jokes but the way he was looking at me made me think that he meant that in another way but I quickly shook my head because I knew that Kevin was nothing more than a friend and he didn't want to be anything else.
"Kevin, you've got to be the best f-"
"I've got to be the best friend that a girl could ask, yes I know Lysa." Kevin said cutting me off. The way he said it made me wonder what was wrong when just a second ago he was talking about always being there for me, unless he meant it as....
The thought came so sudden that it made me jump a little-Kevin couldn't- could he?
"Kevin-?" I asked scared of the answer. At that moment he closed the remaining space between us and pressed his lips to mine. I was so shocked that I jumped slightly not knowing how to react, but just as I was thinking about what to do Kevin pulled away and tried to run, but I caught his arm in the nick of time.
"What- I- why-I-I-" was all I could mutter.
"Look I'm sorry Lysa but I just wanted to know how it felt to kiss someone you've always- always loved how it would feel to have your lips on mine. Lysa I'm sorry but if I had a chance to go back and change what I did, I'd turn it down." Before I could reply Kevin pulled his arm from my weak grasp and ran into the night.
"I just wished you'd asked," I whispered, "I would have said yes." I put my shoes on and started to walk towards home when Jason came out from behind a tree.
"Well hello love," he said smiling cruelly in the bright moonlight, "I told you we didn't finish our business...."

The author's comments:
this is the second part to the story and I will be writing the first part later but this is a sort of jump-in story everything will be explained later

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