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Fight and Flight

November 24, 2013
By MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
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The room was 6ft by 8ft, floored, walled and ceilinged by 2ft by 2ft panels that seemed too glow blue. All except for 8 panels, four on the ceiling- one in each corner- and four on the floor all clustered together to make a larger square. The four on the floor each held a leg of a chair welded through them and into the cement floor beneath the room. The four on the ceiling each held a large rocket launcher, all locked onto his genetic signature. All the other panels contained pressure sensors and emitted a deadly electric shock, the single door only opened and unlocked from the outside, and all the other attributes could only be turned off from a control room at the top of the building.

He sat there in the chair, eyes closed, listening. His head tilted slightly to the right then back to the left before tipping forward. Breathing deeply he focused in on the conversation outside the 3ft thick brick walls. His eyes circled behind his eye lids as his head tilted to the left again, trying to gather the information.

"-esting will begin this afte-"

"-e can't guarantee saft-"

"-rous, Jack Wolf can is very dange-"

"-he serum should control hi-"

His eyes flashed open, he'd heard enough. If he didn't move now testing would start within hours, he'd be under the influence of some drug and probably be put through torture under some scientist's scalpel. Deep breath, focus. He looked at the room once more, contemplating his hypothesis. DNA, DNA, DNA, there had to be a loophole here somewhere. The thought of his DNA kept getting pushed to the for front of his mind. Instinct, sub conscious, something, was tugging at his chest and the back of his brain. Fear, anxiety? Maybe but those could be pushed away. His eyes squinted, adrenaline? It was ingrained into him, driving him at so many times. DNA, DNA,DNADNA! DNA! Now he got it.

His tongue went to the where the cuts inside his mouth were, caused by a sadistic man leading his capture. Blood and saliva were the most common ways of extracting DNA... He spat the concoction of his blood and spit onto the huge gun hanging right next to the door. The other three weapons shot consecutively, destroying the first one and leaving only hanging charred remains. Jack smiled wide. Next he pulled up his untied feet, unsheathing claws from his bare toes, and slicing through the bindings on his wrist. They apparently thought the rest of the security measures were enough so they did little for his bindings.

Biting his cheek he shot another DNA rocket at the door. The guns fired, and when the door held: fired again. The thin thing collapsed out into the white hallway; leaving only three miss informed machines left. The gun across the room from the door went next, leaving only the two that were on either side of Jack. Spitting up, he ducked under the heavy metal chair while the machines destroyed each other.

Leaping across the length of the room, he grabbed hold of the first charred remains and swung out into the hall way. He rolled across the floor into the door frame across the hall, avoiding bullets that didn't appear to be there. Curious, he stepped out into the empty corridor. He snorted at the emptiness, and casually walked toward the other halls at the end of the T-shaped intersection ... just before 10 armed, armored men thundered around the corner. They stumbled to a halt, Jack's bare feet and pale blue prisoner outfit was hard to miss. his personality split for a moment, he could go aggressive or crazy ... we'll save the crazy for later, but he couldn't help but wink at the guards. He slowly and easily slid into his fighting stance, but with his head tilted slightly to the right and eyes narrowed, giving the impression he was looking beyond them. One risked looking; he was the first to fall.

jump, grab the head, swing it down, legs catching another guard, 1st head crashing to the floor, unconscious, arching sideways, swinging second victim to floor, only stunned, no good, standing, driving fist under 3rds chin, gasping for breath, falls , turning kick to 4th, one behind third, in throat partially collapsing windpipe, out for count, using throat kick as shelf, lift up into air, spin, other foot crash into top of 5ths skull, balancing on falling man, original foot kicks face of 6th, landing on that foot on 3rds nose, breaking, knocking out, twisting, pulling 7ths arm out of socket, shove down hall to floor, turn, knee 8th in diaphragm right under main armor, left jab to right cheek bone, right hook to left temple, grab 8ths gun, shoot 9ths hands and one leg from behind 8, shoot 7ths foot, drop 8, aim at 10, speak- unsure what is said-, 10 runs, let him, drop gun, clatter.


Jack stumbled back slightly, his mind and body's strange connection broken. He wiped vainly at the blood on his prisoner uniform. All the guards- except 10- were unconscious or wounded in a way that they couldn't follow. None were dead, and none would die unless they were left to by their employers. Finding a guard about his size, he slipped off the prison shirt and pulled on the guard's layers, vest, and pants over his prison pants. Then he gathered all the magazines, and two guns. Holstering one, he carried the other.
From what he could tell, they were located in a cold, if not frozen, region. Walking silently to the corner he glanced down both directions. There were two guards, one to the right one to the left, standing in the middle of their hallways, braced and ready to shoot. He walked in-between them, the middle mark of their 40ft distance. Removing his second gun, he aimed at both men. This is going to be painful. Jack shot, the recoil in both arms almost popping his arms out of socket. He dropped to the floor, sliding to the wall, and using it to step up and jump over the passing bullets.
Both men fell, both with a bullet in the thigh from Jack and a bullet in the shoulder from their counterpart. Jack snorted in disgust, going down the left hall stepping over one of the guards. Stopping he stepped back over and crouched. The man tried vainly to attack with his one arm but jack deftly fended him off, grabbed his radio and walked away smiling. Twirling the radio in his fingers he turned right at the next corner and found a wall that was entirely made of windows. He froze.
He was right about the winter/frozen waste land thing but he hadn't expected the helicopter hovering right outside the window. Jack gave a weak smile, shy wave and walked on down the hall way. Just another guard nothing to worry about...
50ft of windows left to go.
Blinding spotlight.
"Subject Wolf, seen wearing guards' uniform, located in the north east wing hallway 170-" Jack dropped the radio that was telling him what everyone else was being told, and ran towards the light.
Glass exploded as he smashed through, lunging and grabbing the spotlight, hanging briefly over a large empty expanse that fell into a lake. Then he swung up, arching to land on the two inch thick windshield. One punch equaled spider web cracks skittering across the screen, the second sending him tumbling into the cockpit. The guards had grabbed his arm the moment it broke the glass and pulled him in, the copilot twisting it painfully up behind his back. Jack took a risk, he front flipped in the tiny cabin, throwing his attacker into the door and freeing his arm with little injury. A quick snap of his wrist knocked the man unconscious.
A cold circle seared into the back of his neck, ice trickled down his back, he closed his eyes and breathed. His focus tunneled, he was vaguely aware of the pistol holder's voice echoing in the background. Whipping around, grabbing the man's shirt- a gunshot firing faintly in the background- and flinging him out the window and onto the floor in the building. Quickly he attempted to steady the chopper with his knee and throw the unconscious man out the floor next the first. Some of the building guards had started to show up as Jack plopped down and started to fly the helicopter away. Bullets pinged off the copter's side, then one hitting the fuse lodge.
The cabin erupting in flames jack yanked the radio out of the helicopter and tore out one of the seats. Heat causing him to sweat despite the freezing cold outside, he threw the chair and watched for a moment at the blades got stuck on the metal and plastic encasing the seat, stalling them and finally completely stopping them. Then he leapt out, trying to push as far as he could from the falling fire ball.
His fingers grasped the edge of the cliff not 2ft from the building he'd just escaped. Jack cursed as the guards exited the hole in the window he'd practically made for them and dragged him over the side of the cliff. Shoving him to the ground they cuffed him and had him stay like that as the head guard called their employer, in a foreign language. Slowly, enough to not get shot but defiant enough to make known his independence, he sat up. The head snapped at him in what sounded like Russian ... which would explain the cold snow underneath him. might as well give up on calling Kit for back up, jack though as he was forced to stand at the edge of the cliff with his back to the guards ... at least for now. These guys know nothing. Then with a smile, he winked over his shoulder and stepped off the edge, turning to see their faces as he disappeared into the mist below.

The author's comments:
to help set up for my novel- Storm- that is in the process of getting published. The first several chapters of this novel are posted here on the site as the Drizzle series starting with my article Drizzle :) Fight and Flight is completely separate from the novel but I needed something to introduce Jack with

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