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Memories Fade

January 7, 2014
By Tabitha1233 PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
Tabitha1233 PLATINUM, Tucson, Arizona
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How did I get here? I feel as if I have been here before, but I’m not sure. My surroundings seem so unfamiliar, but yet feel so right. It’s dark in here, but, strangely, I can see. As I glance around what appears to be a small room, I see a small table with what appears to be pictures on it. I slowly, as if in a trance, walk over and stare at the familiar pictures. My hands smooth over the cool pictures as I lift the stack off the table. The faces of family and friends fill each picture as memories begin to flood to my mind. Pictures of my first birthday, my first best friend, my first date, my first kiss… It was as if my whole life had been captured on film. A smile began to spread across my face as i stared at the happy faces in the photos. A beam of light caught my eye as I began to slowly wake from my dream.

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