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Competition Part 2

January 27, 2014
By PortiaDawn GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
PortiaDawn GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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Five sisters walk in. One sister walks out. Today is the day I prove my self.
I look at myself in the mirror. I guess that's what all the competitors do before they fight. From my short black hair to my knee high boots. My armored chest plates and dagger belts- two on each leg. Wrist gauntlets, sword holster and shield. I look into my brown eyes, "You can do this." I tell myself.
I walk out of my room to the arena. Taking deep breaths along the way.
"Don't. Be. Nervous." I sigh and push open the two entrance doors.
"Finally!" yells the second eldest Daelyn. "It's about time you showed up Paige."
She's the only one I look like the most. Me and Daelyn have the darkest hair and are light brown. Are bodies are the same too, kind of, she's taller and more curvaceous than me. The others, Gwen and Aimee are light skinned like our mother. And Malinda is darker than me and Daelyn and shorter than all of us.
"Calm down Dee. Mother hasn't announced the time for us to fight yet, we have time to spare." Gwen says. She's always defending one of us. Probably because she's the eldest and she feels it's her responsibility to do so.
"Do we really have to fight?" asked the middle child, Malinda.
"Yes" said Gwen. " It's tradition. It's how we find out who is worthy to protect our home,our planet."
"Yeah, tradition." Aimee said finally speaking.
We all look down at the ground. I really do want to prove myself, but I don't want to separate from my sisters. Aside from our mother, my sisters is all I've got.
"How about this." started Aimee. "May the best woman win and may our bond stay strong."
We circle into a group hug. I might want to beat them up and prove them wrong, but nonetheless, they are my family. And that's something I really want to fight for.
"Ahem" We all turn around to see our mother. To the world, she is a savior. To us she is a teacher, role model, and mother.
"You girls ready?" She asked, brushing her auburn hair out of her face.
"Yes." My sisters said in unison.
"No." I said with confidence. I walked toward our mother. "Why do we have to fight? Why can't we protect the world together? It's a big planet, maybe we all can..."
" No Paige. We've tried that before it disrupted the balance between the dark and light. And the world is not ready for more than one of us up there."
"But that doesn't mean we have to fight!" I yelled throwing my sword down.
Our mother smiled and turned to my sisters." Do the rest of you agree?"
They nodded their heads yes. "We don't want to fight each other." said Gwen. "We don't want to split up."
"OK than." Our mother said walking away. "You passed the first test." She yelled over her shoulder. "Now it's time for the next one. Follow me."
"First test?" I asked. We took quick glances at each other before running to catch up with our mother.
"Our planet doesn't need an overly violent warrior." She noted. "But it's a planet that needs a formidable fighter."
She claps her hands and the ground and dirt begin to move. A creature, a large rock creature rises up next to her.
" Paige get ready, you have to fight this." She states, walking away with my sisters.
"Man I wish I didn't throw down my sword." I remark. The creature swings it's arm and I pull up my shield. Felling impact and slight pain in my left arm, I cringe and fall back, tumbling far.
"Ow" This is going to be harder than I thought.

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Sorry it took so long.

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