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Fireball Wreck

March 31, 2015
By PoetLaureate274 PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
PoetLaureate274 PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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A chaotic crash resounded through his head. Fireball. The burning. The burning. Pain. A lot of pain. No more. Nothing. No feelings. No love. No sadness. No memories. Not death. But no more pain. A blessed relief. Heavenly. Peaceful bliss. Away from the bad things. The very very bad things. Don’t think about the bad thoughts. Only the good. Calm. Don’t beat too fast. Don’t Breathe too fast. In, out. In, out. Fly away thought. Flee from the ground. Set free. No inhibitions. The mind is your playground. tugging. Something’s tugging. Go away. Flying, like bliss. I said go away. A vortex opening. Stretching thin. falling. falling….
...The breath rushed back into his lungs as the surgical team, halfway through an operation on his abdominal region, started losing his vital signals. A defib unit was still in the nurse’s hands. Screaming, the patient looked down at his stomach area, seeing all of his internal organs laid out in front of him. The shock alone was enough to cause the patient to vomit, giving the doctors and nurses a spectacular view of the contracting stomach muscles as the acidic liquid spewed out of the patient’s mouth. The anesthesiologist rushed in, carrying a new IV bag, and in less than two minutes, the screaming patient was unconscious again.

The author's comments:

This piece depicts somebody who got into a car wreck, burned most of his body and got shrapnel inside of them that needed to be cut out. He was on the surgical table when he started losing vitals. They used the defib on him, which not only brought him backk from the dead, but broke him from the anesthetics as well. He then looked down at his body, saw his internal organs laid out before him, and did the natural human thing: he screamed bloody murder, puked his guts out, and passed out from a new bout of anesthetics. I tried to write it in a stream-of-consciousness style, but please be gentle. This is the first time I have tried attempting something of the sort.

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